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Colouring in
By Hanna
As I am writing this article my being is filled with experiences of deep dancing, praying and processing during our first Apprenticeship module of 2016, experiences of travelling, shifting between homes, of deep, loving and wonderful connections, of good buys and welcomes, of moving into a new home without much furniture yet. more>
Torch Songs for these Turning Times
By Susannah
For months Iíve had this feeling that Iím nearly there with my new album. Though this is my 8th CD, I donít remember the Ďlast mileí ever feeling quite so long. Throughout most of the long process of recording and mixing Iíve been relatively calm and serene. Iíve felt that my responsibility has simply been to give these song wings to fly into the world and do their work, without pushing and without holding back. But now Iím aching to be able to share them with you all. more>
Balancing the Books
By Ya'Acov
There was a definite autumn chill in the air at the train station this afternoon. I had a few minutes waiting for my train in the late afternoon sun watching the seagulls and the rooks flying over the castle and enjoying the colours and the dance around me. Iím on my way to teach a menís group in Belgium. Itís a long time since I first did a menís group in the mid 1980ís in London. more>
Leaping for Eco Living
By Sinťad
As I left all my belongings in storage, letting go of the contents of my art studio and my creative practice as Iíve known it, grief and excitement were the responses. These actions were the first big steps on a new journey: for the coming year I intend to explore eco-communities, learning from the people who have created and sustained them, offering my creativity, skills and passion for our earth, and sharing my journey in my new blog, with the hope of inspiring the creation of eco-opportunities in peoples lives. more>
The Phoenix Tree
By Susannah
We are proud to announce two new CDs and we have available all the music from the latest webinar on the 18th October 2016. This webinar is called ďtender and wildĒ if youíre looking for it from the library of webinars. more>
Upcoming Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Dancing at home through one of the webinars on offer, or joining Susannah for a Ceremony in the City, again much variety is available to you to explore and discover Movement Medicine and your own body and inner landscapes. more>
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