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Issue: September Newsletter
Connections and Bridging of Worlds

By Hanna
Here we are again with the Movement Medicine newsletter, returning from the summer break, sharing personal stories, projects and experiences. For you living in the nothern hemisphere I hope you have had a wonder filled summer of joy, expansion and light, and for our companions in the south I hope you are enjoying the shifts into spring energies, new life, creativity and lightnes weaving into doing and being. In terms of creative projects being shared, you can read about Susannah’s and Ya’Acov’s recent work and doings in this newsletter, and Lawrence Kelson writes about his music project ‘Our missing’.

And me, I feel like sharing some of my experiences of this summer, which overall seem to be about connection – between my two homes (Germany/Switzerland and South Africa), between communities, between personal action and feeling, through consciously aligning heart, mind and body.

What I notice keeps me grounded in these times of me shifting between these homes, is relationships with real heart connection. That way, because in these friendships I can be all of myself safely (at this point more easily than in other relationships), and through these deep heart connections I can manage to connect and ground my whole self with and in these different places I live in. It feels like connecting dots, bridging ‘my’ worlds, and weaving threads between various contacts I have to people on different continents holding a similar awarenes, vibration and intention. Also, people on both ends are friends who totally see me, embrace my being, encourage me, and share the same wish and vision of helping positive shifts to bring more love and peace, closure and forgivenes, joy and creativity, freedom and truth onto our shared common home, earth.

One of my personal threads for me in this instance is also our wonderful Movement Medicine ‘tribe’. It ‘traced’ all my footsteps while travelling through various countries this year, from South Africa to England, to Germany and to Switzerland. How wonderful, this strong connection of dancing and loving brothers and sisters moving through all these places I find myself in. A strong net, which feels like something good and safe to know.

So I had the pleasure of meeting more of the Devon and UK ‘MM croud’ during Earth Dance in June. I was being joyfully surprised to meet a South African friend who danced at Carolines workshop at Schloss Glarisegg in Switzerland while I was working there in July. There I also reconnected with peers from my first intense MM experience, The Journey of Empowerment, where I was so touched to feel what special connection there is between us, what deep ‘core knowing’, safe openness, loving witnessing, joyful encouraging, deep listening and understanding. Noticing how my whole system connects these lovely beings with feeling totally seen and completely safe, with such healing experiences of many steps towards becoming whole again during our Journey together. Then, finding myself dancing, praying and ‘vision questing’ in Devon, together with MM friends from South Africa, Germany and Switzerland, once again a weaving together of my various homes through heart connections and through the dance.

And since I have been running the Movement Medicine newsletter for two years now, again and again two of the following situations happen when dancing with MM community in different places: Someone I havn’t met yet is absolutely sure to have seen me at some workshop or other, certain to have met me before, until we figure out, it is through my picture in the newsletter that I seem familiar. The other situation is complete surprise when finding out it is me doing the newsletter, since many people said I look completely different ‘live’ than in the picture. “Ah, you are the ‘newsletter Hanna’. It’s so lovely to be able to put a body with the photo”, and we laugh. During Caroline’s workshop in Switzerland, some requested that Ben (Caronline’s husband who was also there) should take a photo, which would actually ‘look like me’ so that people can recognize me. Ben and me never got around to it, yet I chose to put a different one for this newsletter, even if it's not the most recent :-)

Another link between my two homes is the kind of people I keep attracting into my life. Looking around, I am so inspired and feeling hopeful, since in both my communities amazing people are involved in such positive change and the manifestation of the New: Conscious movies are being made, free schools popping up, forest/outdoor kindergards, powerful ceremonies for shift, healing, transformation, gratitude and prayer are being held, and many projects are being birthed towards creating new ways of living together in a more healthy and sustainable way then the current system of exploitation, control, consumerism and capitalism. Light is being born onto earth in various and colourful ways, and it lifts and touches my heart with joy and hope. My communities bringing being, action and energy into that which we yearn for, that which holds and brings light, peace, and sustainabilty, freedom, love and truth into manifestation on earth.

What has also been a connective element during my travels 'between worlds' are my very personal 'medicine songs', created and sung on different and far lands: One that came through me walking at the beach near Cape Town, I sang again in the woods behind Glarisegg in Switzerland, and also at my sacred place during my vision quest. The songs that came through me during the quest, between the trees in Dartmoor, I also brought with me to other nature spaces I found myself in, to greet and to introduce myself to the nature spirits present, together with my bare feet on the soft forest ground or on the gras. And so the forest songs I composed in Switzerland this summer, will travel with me to resonate with nature on African land.

These, and many more experiences filled my summer here, before I soon move back again to my other home, South Africa, energetically bringing with me the heart connections, the shared dances, the songs, the inspiration and the goodness I was blessed to experience here in Europe, connecting it and weaving it into my friendships and my life there. Thank you all.

And so I close my introduction to the September newsletter with the impuls of us all being aware of all these powerful and positive threads we are tracing through our healing, being, creating and through our heart connections – reaching around the whole globe and even deep into the Amazonian rain forest. I believe we all share a similar dream, we all share a vision, we all share a similar awarenes and we all are bringing more love, transformation and healing into manifestation. We are all connected and build a wonderful net of positive movement and change, joy and love, giving and sharing, supporting and witnessing. I feel my heart expanding with this space of love and hope as I really feel these far reaching threads between all our hearts and visions of shift and healing. … And Susannah’s MM Community Mosaic pops into my mind and heart, a beautiful and creative manifestation of our all connection and our various puzzle pieces in the web of positive shift and change.

Wtih Love, with Hope, and in Connection,


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