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Issue: May Newsletter
Hope in my Heart

By Hanna
The work and the ripples of Movement Medicine give me hope! In this article I share why, through some of my experiences of the Phoenix retreat I did recently. When on my way from Cape Town to the UK to this Movement Medicine adventure, the following quote came to me when watching a movie on the plane: “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It is what you know for sure that just ain't so” (Mark Twain).

And one of the things the Phoenix retreat offers is the space to re-look at what we think we know for sure. Becoming aware of possible subconscious, maybe limiting, negative or outdated pre-conceptions we may hold about how the world is, or how we see ourselves and others around us. Finding out which kind of 'glasses' we are wearing, and whether we agree with how reality appears, or whether the shade or print seems to differ too much from our hearts inner truth, knowing and intuition. Asking how much or if my 'minds stories' may influence my reality and my experience here, such as 'It's not safe to shine', 'I am not enough', 'I can't ask for support.' etc.

And since it is Movement Medicine, it was through movement, community (sharing, exchanging, mirroring) and through body that I am inquiring into these questions, as also through art, play and prayer. Dancing through and behind possible veils of perception or illusion.

My personal path from disconnection of body-heart-mind (i.e. self-abuse and addiction) to embodiment, true incarnation, and real connection, together with my experiences of Movement Medicine, have brought deep understanding of the sheer necessity of embodiment within healing and transformation – collectively and personally. Put differently: I would not know how either of these would be possible without embodiment being part of some of the processes. One, it is about my actual body: the embodiment of my own dance, story, transformation and healing. Furthermore, I believe in healing it is also about the embodiment and experiencing of companionship and community: of being seen, held, witnessed, and of holding, supporting, of reaching out or of sharing a dance.
Embodiment for me always means 'making it real', bringing it into manifestation, giving it body – whatever it may be that needs manifestation in our processes of growing and waking up more and more. Letting my cells, my bones, my 'everything' know and be part of the transformations, and letting all of my being soak in the new information – of revelation, of another veil lifting, of another soul-part having been touched or healed.
Also, some of our subconscious believes about reality may be stored in our genetic heritage, or early trauma can be stored in our bodies – yet another reason why embodiment to me seems indispensable in healing, transforming and growing.

As we embody and dance the journey of our personal unfolding and expanding, consequently we are also touching our relations and connections, and we effect and bring change to the story of how we are all living, creating and being on this earth.
And I believe that there is a chance to change the story of humanity and of how we are treating each other and the earth. Healing ripples, from the micro of the personal to the macro of the global.

I believe that our time now is about change. Our time is about living and expressing more and more of who we are beyond limiting believes or hiding veils, so that our deep values or qualities such as love, truth, seeing, honouring, responsibility, connection, support, compassion, which I feel we all and mother earth long for so much, can come forth more and more strongly.

Movement Medicine I believe offers great tools for questioning and shifting unhealthy stories on a personal and global level, bringing forth and facilitating healing on deep and wide levels. It seems to connect all of being human (body, mind, heart; voice, art, play, prayer, community, …) with all of earth and spirit (ceremony, honouring of elements, cultural/environmental projects …). It weaves together the healing of embodiment, the opportunity through community and the necessity and beauty of ceremony.

And for me, the most powerful part of the Phoenix was our ceremony, which in itself, I believe, is also embodiment/manifestation – of healing, and transformation, of birthing and living joy and love on earth, of giving to and receiving from spirits and of experiencing the limitless possibilities of community.
It filled my heart with
such hope! It blessed and sealed all of our work of transmutation, all of our connections and all of our prayers, visions and dreams for our new and healing future – personal, collective and global. I could feel the ripples of change, of limitlessnesses, of light, joy and love. Through the ceremony there was space to release stale and outdated ancestral energies, while honouring the gifts and beauty we were blessed to inherit from the one's who had walked here before. The transforming power of the Phoenix and of the fire was present. The blessings for and learnings from our descendants were being expressed and embodied. The new freedom, the courage and the new spaces to shine and to expand into ourselves fully filled the ceremony. And I could also feel the uplifting and inspiring experience of community, of doing 'this work' (shifts, changes, new possibilities, healing …) together in my body, and I sensed it between our dances and through the whole space and way beyond. And I experienced embodiment of community, embodiment of prayer, and embodiment of new and healthy stories being birthed onto this earth!

This for me is one beautiful aspect of Movement Medicine. And one aspect why it gives me hope: the personal and global healing, the healthy community, the prayer and the mending is given shape and body – it is 'made real', it is brought directly into manifestation right there, while being witnessed and blessed and carefully prepared for fruitful integration and further growth. The 'things', the 'stories' we may believe to know for sure are challenged, as shift and healing is happening through embodiment, community and ceremony ...

If you feel inspired to , come and dance the Earth Dance with us! Experience community, embodiment and ceremony. Experience hope,transformation, joy and expansion. Be the dancer that is giving back to the blessing and wonderful, forever touching mystery of Life on Earth.

With Love and Hope,

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