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Issue: May Newsletter
Good News from Susannah

By Susannah
You may have seen my Facebook post on my personal FB page celebrating the hydro electricity which runs off our tiny stream, and the electric car we run from it.... Of course not everyone has a stream in their backyard. However everyone in the UK can buy their electricity from 'Good Energy' which is a well established energy supply company which sources their electric power only from renewables and also supplies 'green gas'.

We’ve made an agreement with them that if you switch your electricity or gas supply to them using this link, they will give Friends of The Earth £25 if it’s electricity, or £50 if it's for (green) gas and electricity ... AND from then on, your electricity bill supports renewables rather than oil/coal/nuclear. When we buy we vote. To the art of the possible!

And the Movement Medicine Shop is now supporting the Pachamama Alliance. Thanks to all the artists who have offered their beautiful music as part of the Music for Life project. Go the website for details. In addition, every time you buy something that costs over £8.00, we donate £1 to the Pachamama Alliance, whose work we are so grateful for. Thanks for joining in!

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