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Issue: May Newsletter
Power of the Heart and Power Stories

By Petra
In March this year I had the privilege to welcome Susannah yet another time to my home-island Sylt in Germany, to teach us about the Power of the Heart. She had been here many times, and every workshop she offered was a wonderful and precious gift to me, to my tribe and to the whole island.

Over the years our dance venue changed from an old fashioned, German education centre with very rigid rules and schedules into a still kind of old fashioned German place, yet with more flexibility and with much more open space for spiritual growth. I feel that the vibrations we all brought and bring with our dances and hearts had and have a great impact in this transformation. The four elements which are always directly present in the beautiful nature around this venue are of course a tremendous support. Thank you dear waters of the sea right behind this place, thank you wind who is always ready to breathe, thank you sun who lights up the vast sky, and thank you mother earth who gives us such colourful support in her sandy and heather-overgrown arms.

Power of the Heart really opened the doors for us into the space of the four chambers of our hearts! As an organizer and a stand-by helper for Susannah, together with Kathrin Kohlbecher and Christine Pechan, two wonderful and unique assistants, I truly felt the power of these heart-qualities: The dancing bodies and the whole space were enriched by these qualities. And … what especially touched me this time: we had seven dancers from my local tribe. The local tribe is growing. YES – visions do manifest.

After this wonderful time with Susannah and all the dancing friends, my own story continued: Over the years I now have no more cartilage in my left knee, and the pain and arthrosis spreads more and more. So I agreed to a medical cartilage replacement, and the appointed time for the surgical intervention came closer. Some confusing and spooky ideas about what may happen were circling through the (how I thought and felt) well prepared four chambers of my heart. These ideas changed into small gnomes whispering to me, expressing their feelings of anxiety, despondency, acatalepsia of the right diagnosis and an absolutely excessive and manic positivism. Hallelujahhhhhhh! All my deepest fears showed up: The fear of never being able to dance again, to teach, even to walk, and the fear to become really dependent. Suddenly death was waving at me, cautious but present.

Then all my inner and outer chaos calmed down, I cried a million tears and my body relaxed in my sobbing. I gave thanks to my knees for all the freedom of movement they've made possible in my life, for all the prayers, for all the dances. And I wished a very good journey to my left knee and to my body through the upcoming surgery.

And then … Matthias Axelsen's announcement of Ya'Acov's workshop Power Stories in Kopenhagen dropped into my e-mail account, one weekend before my surgery and only 3,5 hours drive to Kopenhagen! Though I had cancelled my registration for this workshop some time before, I decided to sign up for Power Stories once again. This was exactly 'my' workshop! What a 'coincidence'!

From this point, everything went very easy and without any hesitations. I phoned Nina in Hamburg we both found an excellent little Airbnb-flat right across the road of the dance-venue. Thank you Matthias, thank you Ya`Acov, thank you Creation, thank you to all my wonderful teachers, my beloved parents, and thank you to myself! In this workshop I had the courage to let go off all these gnomes and land again on the land of mother earth. I was able to look at all my own power stories from a distant place in presence.

I had my surgery four days later, doctors did their jobs. After one week in hospital I'm home again with time for my rehabilitation. I don't have to work, have no classes to teach, the sun is shining and I have time to recover. And the book of Power Stories is inexhaustible.

My big challenge these days, amongst others, is to be patient. Because of pain and limited mobility in my knee there is no chance to run or dance things away … What a practice! And what an opportunity at the same time!

Now, sitting here, remembering these past two months, I curiously think of the new chapter in my book of life.
My résumé now is: every single dance was worth it!

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