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Issue: May Newsletter
21 Gratitudes

By Susannah
Dear all, Many threads are weaving themselves together for me right now, into a sense of expansion, creativity and gratitude. So I thought I’d do this article as a '21 Gratitudes' practice:
1) I’m grateful for my sweetheart. Ya’Acov is the ground of my life, and being beside and with him is the sweetest, most challenging and most rewarding centre of my life. The space between us is the font from which everything else flows. Thank you Ya’Acov and thank you life!

2) I’m grateful for our family, that our dear son is on his own journey with such a strong 'inner compass' and that both our surviving parents, my Dad and Ya’Acov’s Mum, are living with panache and health and joie de vivre.

3) I’m grateful that I feel my mother’s spirit being well, and sometimes very strongly with me – a deep support.

4) I’m grateful for the feeling that our work is rooting in the world and beginning to grow new shoots in many directions.

5) I’m grateful for all the extra-ordinary people who have come to work and train with us and who bring their own wisdom, experience and skill to the field of Movement Medicine.

6) I’m grateful that through this, Movement Medicine is being enabled to evolve and to move and touch people who would never have made it to our dance floors.

7) I’m grateful for all the teaching I’ve done recently (two 'Power of the Hearts' in Germany, one 'Arc of Time' in Holland, and a 'Phoenix Retreat' at Rill). I’m grateful for the way I’ve been able to meet this work and feel my own medicine and offering continuing to evolve and shape itself.

8) I’m grateful for the depth of 'answer' I’ve felt from people to this.

9) I’m grateful to feel my offering being received.

10) I’m grateful to feel useful. Short sentence. Big meaning.

11) I’m grateful to feel happy. Ditto. For a girl who refused to play anything else but funeral marches on the piano because everything else seemed frivolous, that is really something.

12) I’m grateful for Roland, for all that he does to take care of us and our work, our community and the future of the work, with such love and humour (most of the time!). And I’m grateful to all the brilliant organisers who are bringing Movement Medicine out into the world, where it can play its part in these turning times of such challenge and opportunity.

13) I’m grateful for letting go of the feeling that it is my job to carry a torch of hope for our species.

14) I’m grateful that instead I feel able, to the best of my ability, to carry a torch of truth and love, and for the different kind of hope there is in that.

15) I’m grateful and I celebrate that Ya’Acov is writing his book that has been so long gestating inside him.

16) I’m grateful that Hay House are publishing it! And that he has found the title!

17) I’m grateful that I can accompany him on this journey.

18) I’m grateful for the music which is coming into its shape for my next album, which I can’t wait to share with you. I’m grateful for all the musicians, especially the amazing Phil Berthoud who are helping me to realise this new dream.

19) I’m grateful for the beautiful land which is holding us, as we hold it, and for the flowering of this spring.

20) I’m grateful for the wide spectrum of people from so many backgrounds, of so many ages, who come to dance with us. You bring so much to the dance floor; and I’m privileged that on our dance floors you can take the space to let go and listen into the depth of your being and to the spirit of life itself.

21) I’m grateful for the dance of life itself. Such an exquisite and challenging thing to be alive. Thank you life!

Do come and dance. Don’t miss the Earth Dance, either with us, or look for one near you. After this Power of the Heart weekend in London (21–22 May), I’m only doing one other open weekend before the summer break. This is a special one for me, connecting with the heart and land, in the Peak District (1–3 July).

Ya’Acov and I have both made some little videos about our work recently. Have a look on our personal FB pages for them. Here’s mine. Or they can be found on the website.

Love to you all,

Susannah DK


Forthcoming workshops with Susannah

21–22 May: Power of the Heart, with Susannah. London, UK.
With preceding
Move! Evening, 20 May.
Exploring the great beauty and power of the heart. Dancing and moving with and from your own heart, identifying it as your personal guide, and learning about and dancing through your full emotional landscape.
Alex Hanly: +44 7868 842219; 

25 June: Earth Dance, with Susannah and Ya'Acov DK. Rill Estate, Devon, UK.
This is the dance to immerse in prayer and gratitudes for earth, for life, and for life on earth, for all that is, and all that is to come. This event is also one of MM's 'give aways', meaning the money will go to the Pachamama Alliance.
Contact Roland: +44 1803 762255; 

1–3 July: Wild at Heart, with Susannah. Calver, Derbyshire, UK.
We humans are nature and part of nature, and so our connection with the land and the wild, outside and inside, is essential to our well being. In our modern times this often seems missing in our lives. Be invited to explore the wildness in your heart and in the dance, to connect with the land, and to create a movement space for yourself in nature.
Contact Kerri Cripps: +44 (0) 779 633 4584;

27 Aug–1 Sep: The Space Between Us, with Susannah and Ya'acov. Waldhaus, Switzerland. An intensive two-module workshop for couples in a committed relationship.
This is a chance for couples to join Susannah and Ya'Acov on the dance floor of relationship and conflict, intimacy and love, and explore the voices of your two hearts, and the vibration, sound and movement in between. A chance to dance into more depth, passion and presence in your relationship, and to learn a few tools to accompany you on your further journey into the unknown.
Contact Roland: +44 1803 762255;

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