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Hope in my Heart
By Hanna
The work and the ripples of Movement Medicine give me hope! In this article I share why, through some of my experiences of the Phoenix retreat I did recently. When on my way from Cape Town to the UK to this Movement Medicine adventure, the following quote came to me when watching a movie on the plane: “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It is what you know for sure that just ain't so” (Mark Twain). more>
Good News from Susannah
By Susannah
You may have seen my Facebook post on my personal FB page celebrating the hydro electricity which runs off our tiny stream, and the electric car we run from it.... Of course not everyone has a stream in their backyard. However everyone in the UK can buy their electricity from 'Good Energy' which is a well established energy supply company which sources their electric power only from renewables and also supplies 'green gas'. more>
Heading Home Again
By Ya'Acov
As always, I am on my way somewhere. This time, heading back home after a weekend working in Luzern and a day in Geneva. This Movement Medicine gig just keeps on going deeper and deeper and spreading wider and further. We are delighted that some of the wonderful people who trained with us are taking this work beyond the workshop space. more>
21 Gratitudes
By Susannah
Dear all, Many threads are weaving themselves together for me right now, into a sense of expansion, creativity and gratitude. So I thought I’d do this article as a '21 Gratitudes' practice:
1) I’m grateful for my sweetheart. Ya’Acov is the ground of my life, and being beside and with him is the sweetest, most challenging and most rewarding centre of my life. The space between us is the font from which everything else flows. Thank you Ya’Acov and thank you life! more>
Power of the Heart and Power Stories
By Petra
In March this year I had the privilege to welcome Susannah yet another time to my home-island Sylt in Germany, to teach us about the Power of the Heart. She had been here many times, and every workshop she offered was a wonderful and precious gift to me, to my tribe and to the whole island. more>
Mama Earth
By Johnanna
She was always here and shall always be, falling in between the time. She who's sitting under the big tree of life chubby and juicy just sexual life force. more>
Upcomming School of Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
The outreaching healing effects of Movement Medicine spreading further and further, and if you feel inspired to be touched by this work, find a workshop that calls you to dance, embody and discover the offerings and blessings this meaningful work is bringing into the world in a time so full of challenge as well as opportunity. Our opportunity and responsibility for shift, for change and for new stories. more>
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