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Issue: November Newsletter

By Thomas
For the last 30 years I have been working as a musician and have been teaching drums and percussion, I also play concerts, conduct workshops, produce CD's etc. I am inspired by the interplay between music and other creative expressions such as dance, theatre or art.

Since 2002 I am also an apprentice of Native-American/ Shamanic medicine. The playing with rhythm and sound is part of my spiritual practice.

Here, I am accompanied time and again by this search: How does resonance arise – within myself, with others and with life itself? How do we access our true creative self? How do we find access to our most natural, artistic expression of self, harboured deep in our centre?

In my experience, it is all these aspects that bring an essential quality to 'Resonance', and which give these workshops its particular and unique sound or expression. With her profound, down-to-earth and sensitive manner, Susannah creates a space free of judgement, and brings her British humour along as well.

And then, supported by honour and respect, there emerges an open and inspiring space, which invites everyone to discover new aspects within his/ her own creative and most natural and original way of being.

To be part of this expedition, to accompany with my music, and to witness how each one starts shining while bringing his/ her own glow to the whole space, is touching, and is a gift to me -- for there arises a collective field of sense, joy and creativity, which is the expression of life and the connection to spirit.

Collaborating with Susannah is wonderful, and I am looking forward to 'Resonance' with her, with us, with you.

Thomas Ritthoff ('walking with sound' medicine name)

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