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Issue: November Newsletter
Winds, Leaves, Change and Trust

By Hanna
The leaves turn. The seasons turn. And in our northern parts, the colours and lights of leaves, fields, forests and mountains win us over once again with their fiery expressions. Even though the inspiration nature offers to us during autumn seems so obvious, as the coloured leaves gradually fall to the ground, I feel I learn from nature each time from the inspiration of letting go.

It reminds me of one of the Movement Medicine circles during an intensive, as one of us shared how trees don't think about which leaf to let go of when, they just let go… So during these weeks once again, nature has been my teacher, as I discover the various notions of letting go, and how this can bring liberation, freedom, new spaces, and lightness – through the letting go of holding on, the letting go of expectation, of fear, 'self-made' limitations, of thought patterns that hold me back or constrict me, the letting go of force, of control, of held weight, of muscle… as I give myself to and trust in my long, 'seasonal' out-breath.

And as the wind seems nature's breath, which accompanies and supports the processes of letting go in autumn, for me as well it is my breath that assists me in this, and gives a wonderful feeling of trust and relaxation (with the process) when consciously experiencing and giving myself to my out-breath.

I can notice how my shoulders melt and drop with the out-breath, and how a softening through the body kindles this knowing that my weight is totally supported by the ground – even when I let go. A soothing out-breath can hold me safe in the new spaces of its own emptiness, and the new possibilities which might arise from that.

So my breath and nature as my partners give me a sense of trust in a transitioning time for me. Trust, as the tree does, that when I let go, or when I breathe out, the next leaves will come with time, the next breath (until it is my time to go) will fill my body again, naturally, out of the new and 'empty' space breathed out.

Through my conscious breath I experience a sense of guided and safe landing when I let go, instead of falling. And nature is right there in this dialogue, as the autumn winds are a part of the trees shedding their leaves.

May the wind/the breath inspire me to keep daring to exercise the freedom of letting go in a healthy way of transitioning as nature knows. Only when I shed leaves and let go of the old, can spaces for the new emerge out of winter's silence after the winds, out of my heart's prayer, out of my out-breath...

Autumn-time offers a powerful image of our life's cycles, when the silence of death is closer, when leaves fall and die, and leave behind possibilities of new life and new ways, new buts, in time to come – when the out-breath of nature's autumn and winter is followed by a new and fresh in-breath during spring and into the fullness of summer.

Transition, change and movement: on nature's level, on the personal and on the global level, as also appears in some of the articles.

Changes and shifts: in the depths of relationship, in the teaching of Journey of Empowerment, in the Apprenticeship format, in the rows of trustees of the Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund.

And as always there is variety and colour within this newsletter: from a German article on Resonance, with an english translation below, to a contribution about the making of a medicinal film, and sharings on the Apprenticeship experience.

One article asks how the practice of Movement Medicine could bridge people of different colour and background, while the interview featured here (piece on the MM Sponsorship Fund) and Lucy's article show how the Sponsorship Fund takes steps in that direction – by making MM more accessible, and through finding ways to bridge through dance and through being human (with a body, in movement). These contributions are asking for shedding, for healing, for movement, for new beginnings, for letting go of old stories and ways, and for equal opportunities. For change, with time, and for fresh winds.

If you are looking for ways to get involved, read the articles on the Sponsorship Fund, one by Rob, and one by Lucy.

For contributions to the newsletter, send articles with heading and image to me:

With warm wishes to the community,

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