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Issue: November Newsletter
Receiving the Baton of Journey of Empowerment

By Caroline
I first met Susannah in 1998 shortly after I had begun the journey of 5Rhythms in Ireland. I came to the UK to dance at a gathering in KEVICCs school, Totnes. I was a single mum of six children, broke and in need of sustenance. At the gathering, I remember feeling totally in my element; from that moment on, life began to change immeasurably!

Susannah and I connected on the dance floor and had an immediate strong moment of recognition, dancing together, soul meeting soul. Somewhere in my heart and psyche I knew that this would be a friendship and sisterhood for life. 

I subsequently danced in Susannah and Ya’Acov’s workshops and on-going groups for many, many years, growing personally as an assistant, fellow teacher and friend. The support I received from them during all the ups and downs of this time – in both the joys of the dance and the hardships I was enduring in my life – was of exceptional intelligence and compassion throughout.

Over time, my love for the dance developed into a passion for sharing it with others. By the year 2000, I had become a 5Rhythms teacher myself. I had been dancing all my life since early childhood. But this dance, with this community, was what I had been seeking for a very long time. Finally I had come home.

For a while, I had to go through a period of building up my own work and my own individuality as a teacher. Then, in time, I became a path-finder for the School of Movement Medicine; I became a Faculty member; I became who I am today in relation to this beautiful, dancing body of work, with my dancing colleagues and friends and with a strong sense of belonging to what I feel most passionate about.

At a certain point, there came a moment when, looking back, I saw my journey for what it was: one great long ‘Journey of Empowerment’. I realised how much it was the particular work of empowerment that I was ready and wanted to take on. It was now other people’s empowerment that I most wanted to see and support. At the time of this insight, I wrote it down in my journal and I danced for it, not knowing how it might come about.

It was not long after that Susannah and Ya’Acov asked me whether I would teach the school’s Journey of Empowerment ongoing group.  Unsurprisingly, my response came through as a powerful ‘Yes!’

And so it is that I feel deeply honoured to be sharing this work, to be supporting fellow dancers on the path of empowerment. As Susannah passes on this ‘baton’ to me, I receive it graciously and with gratitude for the trust that is bestowed on me. It is not an easy thing to pass on our work, for it is something so very dear to us. So I understand the implications of what it means – both for Susannah and for myself. As time goes on, I know that I will grow with this offering as much, I hope, as the dancers will grow with me on their own journeys.

I am deeply grateful to Ya'Acov and Susannah for the work they have done over many years, and to Susannah for now passing on this baton. It is an honour to receive it.

Together we dance for the good of all, and for the goodness we can feel in our own empowered souls.


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