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Issue: November Newsletter
Passing on the Baton of Journey of Empowerment

By Susannah
Here is a huge thank you to the last Journey of Empowerment group who gave me these roses, as it happens one for every ongoing group I have led. (24 years of ongoing groups, with one year off). This is the end of a long and important era in my life. This October, after 24 years of teaching ongoing groups, I taught my last module of the Journey of Empowerment.

The first ongoing group I ever taught was a 5Rhythms women’s group in Sheffield in 1992, organised by Alison Tyas, which I taught with my baby on my hip.

In the early days, Ya’Acov and I taught most of the ongoing groups together, but in the last 10 years or so, it has become one of my specialities. Over the years, the name of the ongoing group has changed: Zero Zone, Fundamentals and then, latterly, the Journey of Empowerment – fondly known as JoE.

At this point, I want to acknowledge all the people who have been part of these ongoing groups, year after year. You have helped me come to know my qualities, challenges and to see my medicine as a teacher. Thank you so very much. Running these ongoing groups has been a very important part of my own journey into developing into the teacher and human being I am today. I wish you all very well and hope that what you experienced in these groups has served you on your life path.

Through leading these groups, I have learnt time and time again that if and when we (human beings) feel safe, loved and accepted as we are, then our creativity can truly flower. Sometimes this can be astonishing, almost miraculous, as we feel free to reveal the treasure that we have held inside for so long. I have witnessed the emergence of creativity, including songs from everyone, not just those with prior artistic or musical skills. Given the right conditions, we can all blossom. Though we will not all turn into star performers, song, dance and ceremony become as natural to us as speaking once we are in a community which confirms that.

My response to being a midwife to such easy, natural births of songs, dance and creativity is a poignant mixture of both celebration and mourning. I celebrate the flourishing of our creative nature as humans; I mourn because so many people never experience these conditions and go through their entire lives without ever ‘singing their own song’, literally or metaphorically.

At the heart of our collective blossoming lies the ‘community without conformity and individuality without separation’ prayer that is so important in Movement Medicine. It has been my pleasure and privilege to help cultivate, witness and support our diversity and our togetherness again and again in these groups and to see the healing that this can bring to individuals and to us as people together.

Now, as the work of co-leading the Apprenticeship, the Professional Training and the Continued Professional Development seminars with Ya’Acov becomes increasingly intensive, I am finally ready to ‘pass on the baton’ of leading the Journey of Empowerment to Caroline Carey, a path-finder and leading member of our Faculty at the School.

Caroline and I have known one another on a soul level since 1998 when we danced to the song ‘What if God was one of us’ in the dramatic surroundings of the old dance studio of KEVICCs school in Totnes. Caroline first trained as a 5Rhythms teacher, teaching for many years in Cork in Eire. Then, when Movement Medicine was born, she became a path-finder (along with Mark Boylan and Christian de Sousa) within our first Apprenticeship. Since then, she has assisted us on numerous intensives, has been teaching Movement Medicine since 2008 and has been a Faculty road-woman for the School for the last few years.

Caroline brings her own exquisite medicine to this role, born of the depths of her own healing journey through dance. Her bone-deep knowledge of the power of the medicine of movement, her intuitive shamanic qualities, combined with her gentleness, authority and the integrity of her commitment to her own ongoing learning mean that I can pass on this baton joyfully to her – a fellow sister on the path.

I sense us running together, offering this work to the world from our hearts, each in our different and unique ways, but alike fuelled by a common sense of service and healing and the pure love of dancing.

The particular offerings that I developed as part of JoE – working with voice and song and with video feedback – will continue to form part of my offering. They will find their place as electives within the new rolling apprenticeship programme.

With my very best wishes to all JoE people past and future, as well as (of course) to all of us!


Forthcoming workshops with Susannah:

21-22 November: Trance-Formations, with Susannah. Paris, France.
With Move! Evening, 20th November in Paris, France.
Discovering the connections with ourselves and between each other in new forms and through dance, we can find an live and dance community, which always leaves space for each unique way of expressing and being.
Contact Pierre-Henri:
+ 33 615 325 816;

25 November: Move! Evening, with Susannah. Geneva, Switzerland.
Meet Susannah in Geneva, get on your feet, get into your body and dance and experience this fullness of body presence through movement meditation.
Contact Veronique:

26 November: Move! Evening, with Susannah. Strasbourg, France.
Your chance for a (first) short taste of Movement Medicine, and an invitation to get on your feet, get into your body and dance and experience this fullness of body presence through movement meditation.
Contact Fabienne Hester:

28-29 November: Ceremony in the City, with Susannah. Basel, Switzerland.
This is an invitation to a dancing vision quest in a city setting, and in a non-religious paradigm. It takes courage and curiosity to dive into the dance of vision, purpose, and the truth of self expression, yet the rewards can appear in the beauty of uniting all of your sources of intelligence, and in the guidance and support present.
Contact Kristin Glenewinkel: +41 78 801 32 10;

4-6 December: Rock my Soul, with Susannah. Salzburg, Austria.
Here you are welcome to dance your wildness and your silence, your physical expression, as well as your spiritual expression. It is a space to dance the language and the beauty and the diversity of your soul.

Contact Andrea: +43 680 23 876 28;

18–22 Dec: Returning Home, with Ya’Acov and Susannah. Waldhaus, Switzerland.
Set amidst the stunning mountains of the Swiss Alps, this retreat provides an invitation to return to the roots of yourself, nourish what keeps you connected and awaken the sparks of hope and inspiration for the coming year.
Contact Roland Wilkinson: +44 1803 762255;


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