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Issue: November Newsletter
Making Movement Medicine and Medicinal Film Travel Hand in Hand

By Ben Cole
I am a film-maker as well as a dancer. My new wife is Caroline Carey, who is a Faculty teacher for the School of Movement Medicine. After getting married in July we faced a long period of time apart as she travelled across Europe and Africa teaching MM. So we came up with the idea of making a medicinal film together around Caroline’s teaching. This is her first adventure into documentary and I am impressed at her skills as a documentary interviewer.

So far, at the end of these intense weekends, we are getting a few opportunities to gather stories for the film, called ‘Creatively Addicted’, by asking those at the workshops if they would like to be interviewed.

I am personally interested in how conscious dance processing affects an interview, especially an interview that focuses on such a sensitive and controversial subject as addiction. My concern was that no one would want to talk about their condition, as we can all judge addiction so harshly.

I feel real delight discovering that every one on these workshops is so relaxed and amazingly clear about their life stories.

I used to struggle to encourage those I interviewed to feel relaxed in front of my camera, to be honest with relaxed integrity. I found every one of the dancers gave us the most amazing, relaxed, authentic and inspiring stories. This invites us who are listening to feel very humble and compassionate and unable to judge in a negative way their actions, obsessions and attempts at medicating life’s hardships.

I observed that dancing Movement Medicine seems to relax the body into a calm place that holds the mind like moss held on the forest earth. The practice gives each conscious dancing person the freedom to process thoughts easily like air blowing the autumn leaves; their feelings seem to flicker freely like a candle dancing to friends' laughter around a dinner table. Those conflicts that we all get addicted to medicating are so delightfully communicated, like water off the tongue, standing wide-mouthed in awe, as we watch the rainbow rise over a natural water fall. You can hear that after many workshops my relationship with the elements has improved!

On our journey, we are building such an amazing library of people who have climbed out of deep and shallow holes of addiction to share their wisdom with the world.

We would like to thank so earnestly all who have and will step forward to talk to our camera. One observation to give you all: many have said that sitting in front of our camera and sharing an honest story has felt deeply healing in many ways. We feel that this points to a film that will offer healing to many - healing of the fear of being judged when talking openly about the common things we are all addicted to.

We hope that this film will show that when we talk with relaxed integrity about what poisons us, we enable others to see their own addictions in a new light. We hope the film will offer the gift of showing people that they are not alone in their journey to find the natural medicine inside as an alternative to those addictions outside that do not always do us good. Maybe we will discover that the best medicine is to dance elementally towards health and happiness?

I am writing this in Prague on October 12. From here we go onwards to Berlin, then off towards Africa and beyond. See you on that dance floor of life and if you should be tempted to share your story, get in touch with us and we will give you the gift of using the camera as a special healing tool to add to your Mesa practice.

Yours in awe of this practice,

Ben Cole
(Helping melt the ice of addictive feelings on your screen)

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