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Winds, Leaves, Change and Trust
By Hanna
The leaves turn. The seasons turn. And in our northern parts, the colours and lights of leaves, fields, forests and mountains win us over once again with their fiery expressions. Even though the inspiration nature offers to us during autumn seems so obvious, as the coloured leaves gradually fall to the ground, I feel I learn from nature each time – from the inspiration of letting go. more>
Forthcoming School of Movement Medicine Workshops
By Hanna
Though this year is slowly tracing its arch towards the end, there are still numerous Movement Medicine workshops and journeys on offer – for you to play, to dance, to breathe, to explore, to reveal, to be you, and to feel grounded in body and always welcome in the community. more>
Autumn Blaze
By Ya'Acov
It’s one of those moist and misty autumnal Devon days. It’s not yet 4pm and the light of the day is already fading. I’m looking out across the land at the spectacular colours of autumn that, even in this light, shine brightly. I love how the autumn reminds us to let go and share our colours even as we fade. more>
Passing on the Baton of Journey of Empowerment
By Susannah
Here is a huge thank you to the last Journey of Empowerment group who gave me these roses, as it happens one for every ongoing group I have led. (24 years of ongoing groups, with one year off). This is the end of a long and important era in my life. This October, after 24 years of teaching ongoing groups, I taught my last module of the Journey of Empowerment.

The first ongoing group I ever taught was a 5Rhythms women’s group in Sheffield in 1992, organised by Alison Tyas, which I taught with my baby on my hip. more>
Receiving the Baton of Journey of Empowerment
By Caroline
I first met Susannah in 1998 shortly after I had begun the journey of 5Rhythms in Ireland. I came to the UK to dance at a gathering in KEVICCs school, Totnes. I was a single mum of six children, broke and in need of sustenance. At the gathering, I remember feeling totally in my element; from that moment on, life began to change immeasurably! more>
The Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund
By Rob Porteous
How do you claim your space to move and dance and be at the centre of your own circle in a context where there is inequality or injustice or violence or discrimination or war?

Read here about the Movement Medicine Sponsoship Fund, with an interview with Ben Yeger and Samar Qudha, working in Israel/Palestine, supported by the fund. more>
Moving from Separation to Connection
By Lucy
‘You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.’ Albert Einstein

These are challenging times. Across the globe, poverty, conflict and environmental destruction are on the rise and the future of our world looks increasingly imperilled. How can we, as individuals and communities, hope to find solutions to these seemingly intractable problems? more>
Race, Whiteness and Movement Medicine
By Lesley
Dear fellow dancers, I'm writing to share something that has been on my mind and heart for some time now. I’ve been afraid to act on it for fear of being offensive or wrong, but Movement Medicine has taught me importance of action when coupled with the heart. It is with that intention I'm writing to you to share some thoughts, observations and ideas related to Movement Medicine and its potential for healing issues related to race and marginalization. more>
Making Movement Medicine and Medicinal Film Travel Hand in Hand
By Ben Cole
I am a film-maker as well as a dancer. My new wife is Caroline Carey, who is a Faculty teacher for the School of Movement Medicine. After getting married in July we faced a long period of time apart as she travelled across Europe and Africa teaching MM. So we came up with the idea of making a medicinal film together around Caroline’s teaching. This is her first adventure into documentary and I am impressed at her skills as a documentary interviewer. more>
Why Apprenticeship Programme?
By Tamara
If someone would ask me what the Apprenticeship Programme is about and why is it important, I would probably be in a position where I’d like to say in response to both questions: everything and nothing at all. more>
By Thomas
Seit etwa 30 Jahren arbeite ich als Musiker und Lehrer für Schlagzeug und Percussion, spiele Konzerte, leite Workshops, produziere CDs usw. Mich inspiriert das Zusammenwirken von Musik mit anderen künstlerischen Ausdrucksformen wie Tanz, Theater oder Kunst. more>
By Thomas
For the last 30 years I have been working as a musician and have been teaching drums and percussion, I also play concerts, conduct workshops, produce CD's etc. I am inspired by the interplay between music and other creative expressions such as dance, theatre or art. more>
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