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Issue: December Newsletter
Dare to Dream

By Heidi Nolte
I am a woman, turning 60 in December. My parents are about to leave this world and one of my best friends (I have been living in a community with him and his wife the past 28 years) is very ill and will die within the next years. Time to dare to dream? It doesn't seem to be. But I still have enough power to change and to open a new chapter of my life.

My dream before and after the workshop is to share all my knowledge and practise of dancing I ever had. I did this when I was between 45 and 52 in a weekly group with women, and in dance sessions with life drummers, for men and women.
After that followed a time, when I had nothing to say and nothing to give. I was "frozen" in this situation. I avoided to dance deeper. I decided to be too old for 5-Rhythm-weekends and lived a neutral status quo - not hot, not cold.
Two years ago I told my best girlfriends that Jonathan Horan will give a workshop. They said "and tomorrow you'll book the weekend.“ It was like coming home, and the following year I attended Ya'Acov's workshop in Hamburg. These were highlights, which had no consequences in my daily life.
This year followed Dare to Dream. In a deep inner dance it was the first time, that I faced the deaths of my parents and my friend. I did never really try this before. The result was exciting. I felt a big strong ray of light through my hole body from the ground to the top. I knew this from before, but had not felt it for a long long time.
And my dance filled with life, and I moved through a lot of different emotions. I had missed this for so long. I was present with myself, the others and all that happened during these days.
I had contact with a lot of different people and was able to look into many different mirrors. I enjoyed it so much. I loved the yin and yang dances with changing rolls. I wished to share my yan-qualities with a young man, and danced with a yan man and a yin man at the same time. This was simply the best.
During the workshop Hamburg I often remembered a woman, who is like a sister in spirit of the dance for me. She should have been there with me in Hamburg.
Last weekend she gave a course in singing mantras. I was there and was surprised about her work. My heart opened wide and I felt deep peace within myself. Now we stay in contact to share our ideas. Perhaps we will work together. In my daily life I work with my body every day (dancing, walking, yoga, Reiki) to get into deeper contact with my inner being and to find ways to express it.
This the active part. Sometimes it works good, sometimes it is only an exercise. But there are situations happening I can't create actively. I meet people I receive very hearty gestures from. I hope that will show me that I'm on the right way. Many thanks to Ya'Acov and his work, it gave me ground, hope and power.


Best wishes to all the dancers. We will meet again on the dance floor.

PS. After I had finished the text, I remembered a song from Carlos Santana: Put your lights on. It's a good song for me. Looking forward to my birthday at the end of December and a good song in this dark wintertime too.

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