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Issue: December Newsletter
In this white Light

By Vanessa
As always, Susannah led us this weekend full of “Power of the Heart” so skilfully and softly, right to the heart of it all. After moving for hours and through many layers in the 4 chambers, the Wise Elder was first imagined right in front of us. But sooner than the invition came, I felt the urge to step into her field. She seemed so much an older me, my curiousity drawing me in. There I stood, in the centre of my circle, wise enough to Love it All. What a place to find ourselves in, dear dancers!

So many years have past since I first took that step and made it my daily practice. But still, everyday before I consciously step out of bed, I first sense where my centre is and how my heart is doing. These and many other repeated little moments of consciousness have really paid off.
And now, during this weekend I fully realized; Yes I am truly in the centre of my own circle, Yes I do have a soft and flexibel, semi-permeable membranal boundry and Yes I can say Yes and Yes I can say No. With love, rooted in a place of Love.
For that is where the journey through the four chambers of the heart lead us once again. And if it wasn’t for the Great Choreographer, I would still be there, in a splendid, sparkling, spirited place of love.…but would I be human?
So there, seemingly out of nowhere, appeared my challenging mirror, another human being! Sparkling, spirited, full of love. How to not fall out of my own circle now?
Breathing, feeling my feet, staying centred, I instantly learned a lot more about being a spirit inside a body. About being a soul with a heart. About being this being that I am.

I managed to stay in this place where all colours merge, for many days after the workshop, but only after I allowed my shadows to dance their dance too. I needed to and could allow old stories, ancient feelings, dusty ideas of self blend and melt in this light. All being washed clean in this light. All because of the witnessing eyes and heart of another human being. We could be all teachers and healers to one anothers soul…..if only we allow ourselves to be seen as we are, Love.

So my next serious update of old stories and firm tugging on heartstrings will probably be during Circle & Sword, sometime in May, in Holland. Maybe then our circles will overlap for a while and create another sacred moment, for something like white light to be embodied in the space between us.

With Light & Shadow,

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