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Issue: December Newsletter
Shopping Dance

By Hanna
First of all, I wish to thank you very much for the support and encouragement I received from you, and of course for the articles contributing to this newsletter! Its that time of the year in which we are witnessing this consumerism phenomenon around Christmas. Suddenly the shelves are even fuller as usual, and even more stuffed plastic bags travel with people from shop to shop to shop ... Things are wrapped even more shiny, golden, red, and “seductive”, and even more people seem to be urgently needing to buy things.... and things and things ….

Meanwhile, that which many of us wish to celebrate around Christmas is this miracle called Love in our world and in our relations, and the joy of expressing that through the wonderful gifts of giving, forgiving and sharing.

I myself experience difficulties staying calm, centred and serene during these weeks, especially when living in a city (as I am at the moment). I tend to get annoyed with shops and shopping.

This personal challenge reminded me of an article I had written many months ago, after my first Journey of Empowerment module in March this year.

Its about how life (and shopping ;-) can be experienced so differently, when in a different space within myself. That way, my attitude and through that my experience once again remains a personal choice! It depends directly on which glasses I chose to put on in the morning. Meaning: I myself can chose and influence how I experience this day, my life or crowded shops.

It is also a good example of how Movement Medicine (or body- and spiritual awareness) can be lived, integrated and be seeping into everyday experiences; similar to Kristins article as well, which tells a fabulous and moving story of lived spirituality and human connectedness in a Swiss train station.


So, here it is:

What a place and space to be in: Coming back from a Journey of Empowerment module! And amusing in a way too: everything looks different and feels fuller somehow: My body seems more filled and “bigger”, life and being here appears ... like more tangible, closer, more „real“ …

I feel totally present, aware and awake, yet soft and relaxed at the same time. Colours are more colourful, nature appears more alive, and the other people around me seem „closer“ to me, as if I know them somehow.

Who says I need drugs to see colours more intensely, to truly notice the magic of living, or to recognize the Love that we humans are in all beings around me? Yes, it does/ can work, but letting my own essence and being, my spiritual flame and my all-embracing connectedness when lived, embodied and experienced fully be the “drug” is quite a different story. That way I am (along with my spiritual openness) my very own resource -how refreshing!

Leaving the centre (Waldhaus in Switzerland), I still have to go shopping that night in this huge super market, the only one still open. Wow ....!! Yes, quite a shock to the system after a few intense days of journeying with body, spirit and soul, now being faced with hardcore-“modern“-society-facts and a shopping centre buzzing with people, stuffed with things and the whole experience tinted in those loud “consumerism-colors” that are now jumping at me. Yet, while it does feel fairly unreal (and bizarre) somehow, I still experience it quite differently to this one time, when returning from a silent retreat in South Africa, where I seriously, literally could not function in, handle or deal with rows and rows of supermarket shelves, trolleys, people and shopping-madness. Looking back now, it feels like I wasn’t quite there.

This time was very different: I felt very present and totally centred. Difficult to describe. Like... really still in the dance, so real in my being, so grounded, so in my body, so aware.

Still having our groups` energy with me, I meet and see all these people with "those" eyes: merely seeing and encountering another human being, as he or she is, there next to me, behind me, or in front of me. No judgement, no interpretation. I am not annoyed with this many and busy people, but just experiencing and taking in what is. Period. I feel patient and calm, knowing and feeling my invisible energetic protection around me. I am simply seeing all these other lovable and vulnerable souls in their human bodies, each with their own stories, egos and veils, joys and sorrows, their wounds, insecurities and healing, while doing their necessary shopping in their “perfectly imperfect” (to quote Susannah ;-) human way -just like me.

Seeing them .... as if any minute we would all just gently start moving and dancing together through the shelves of the super market; as if all these people were nothing but friendly strangers (like all the other JoE participants, on the very first night dancing together), as if we are all connected through thin threads of essence, almost visible and tangible, yet fragile, like a freshly woven spider web. No “other”, no threat, no real separation, but a gathering of souls in their bodies behind their trolleys, and in between groceries and shelves.

I experience all these people with no veils and no judgement between me and them, perceiving them just as they are in that moment, and catching glimpses of their story-telling human souls through the thin "glasses" of their eyes.

And precisely that, the awareness of vulnerability and connectedness, brings forward this softness and friendliness towards my shopping colleagues, and leaves me relaxed, open and serene, even though in the middle of a busy super market.

What a delicious experience this. That way even shopping can be a joyful, light-hearted and spiritual event.


So for these coming weeks (and in general), I am glad to know that I still hold the choice of which glasses to wear, particularly when I have to go into shops.

I can chose to fully feel my feet on the ground, drop my shoulders, feel the weight of my hips and relax my face. I can chose to remember my personal energetic protection around me. I can chose to feel a connection with my heart. It is my choice to become aware of my breath when I feel crowded. I can chose to be aware of Mother Earth carrying me, with every step I take. It is up to me to not loose my inner peace to long queues and general stuff-and-information-overload. I can encourage my awareness that in fact I am not separate from the possibly moaning shopping colleague in front of me, nor the pushing, impatient one behind me. I can chose to keep my serenity and to meet other people with openness, friendliness, and compassion.


Forthcoming Events and Workshops:


16th Bringing the Dance back Home. In this Movement Medicine webinar you are able connect with other Movement Medicine dancers, experience a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room and invite friends to join in. Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars. For further information contact Roland +44 1803 762255

17-22 Dancing with the Heart of the World. Susannah and Ya`Acov. Waldhaus (Switzerland). In the wonderful and nurturing home and land of Waldhaus in Switzerland, Susannah and Ya`Acov invite the dancers to a workshop focusing on each individuals heart, dreams, and visions. During our Winter Solstice and close to a new year dawning (both a time of shift, change and giving space for the new), this workshop will help the dancers to remember their love for life and the voices of their hearts. It is about seeing where we are as individual and as collective spiritual human beings in this world. It is about own choices, empowerment and responsibility -towards your own heart, and towards the heart of the world. Reflection, choice and growing. What an inspiring and beautiful way to celebrate the Solstice and yet another year coming to its close.

Contact: Roland +44 1803 762255


5-19 Dancing with the Heart of the World. Amazon Edition. Susannah and Ya`Acov. Quito, Ecuador.

Holding ties with the closely related workshop and journey at the Waldhaus (see above), this unique event and offering stands in close partnership with Pachamama Journey and David Tucker.

The Amazon Edition in itself embodies and represents, while at the same time encourages, and calls for the standing and holding together of hearts, minds, spirits and people across the globe; together taking action, showing up, and discovering responsibility. It travels even deeper into catalysing individual and collective choice, steps, commitment, and a way to face and deal with our current global situation here on earth, a way to really meet and be in dialogue with the Heart of the World.

9 to 11 SHE is Dreaming. Caroline Carey. Berlin.

As a great support during Northern winter-times of self reflection, and discovering inner landscapes, this workshop invites the Wise Woman of the dancers to softly speak with, cradle and nurture inner seeds and dreams, which are possibly still resting unseen, waiting patiently …

Contact: Kathrin Keller +49 30 28458820


I look forward to any words, articles, feedback or ideas from you. Send them to:

Wishing us all a peaceful closing of this year.

With Love,


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