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Issue: December Newsletter
One pointed arrow of body, heart and mind

By Kristin Glenewinkel
I want to share a story of my journey to the Long Dance this summer. We were on the way to the Airport and the train stations were full. Train stations in Switzerland always appear as a palace of perfection to me: they are small, clean and every centimetre is used in the most efficient way. This evening the trains were late, unusual situation, so we decided to take another route to the destination and jumped into a full train, needing to change trains after twenty minutes.

Getting off the train at the next station the platform was crowded, Friday evening, everyone on the road, trying to get to their place for the weekend. I was very determined to be on time and catch my flight together with two dear dancing friends from Basel. We went downstairs to change platform. In the tunnel something stroke me like a lightening: I did have the big back pack on my shoulders but my suitcase was missing!
The next second I was running up to the platform, screaming from the top of my lungs, I screamed STOP, STOP, STOP, this train MUST WAIT, MY SUITCASE IS IN THE TRAIN!


My body was a one pointed arrow, my emotions, my heart was just pointing towards this one thing and my mind went along like another arrow and there was just that one thought: I need the suitcase. The conductor waved at me, he said: too late, the whistle had been blown already. There was a man standing on the platform who saw me screaming and immediate started to scream with me, totally anticipating my call. His screaming filled the platform, his arms were up in the air like he was playing theatre. I jumped into the only open door of the train while the man was screaming on the platform so the train wouldn't leave. I screamed through the railcar: „This green suitcase, can you hand me the suitcase!?“ Everyone anticipated, everyone seemed to understand what I wanted and I did have my suitcase in the next second and jumped out of the train again. Then the tall man stopped screaming, the conductor looked puzzled, the door closed and slowly the train took off. I was wet from sweat, trembling and I bowed deep to this man who was beaming with a big smile and I said thank you a thousand times and ran off to catch the train. My dancing friends were wondering, waiting on the other platform and we barely made it into the next train.


This was the first time in my life I wasn't holding myself back at all, I allowed myself to go fully with what was needed and I felt received so beautifully in the world. I got my suitcase back and many smiling faces. Sitting in the next train, feeling the adrenalin pumping through my system, my friends and I still trying to comprehend the situation. We were laughing and I was feeling so protected and guided by my own intentions and the intentions of the Long Dance. My friend looked at me and whispered: You stopped a Swiss train. That’s a real miracle!


Two and half years ago, starting the Apprenticeship with the school of Movement Medicine I had a dream. Many people were on a tiny boat, all sitting on deck together at night. Ya`Acov was sitting right in front of me and he had a very sharp arrow in his hand. He was radiating with joy and enthusiasm. The arrow was short and very strong. He said to me: „Look, look, you need to point your arrow, you need to point it and focus.“ The arrow was pointing straight into my navel. He gave me the arrow and I tried and I remember in the dream how strange it felt and how I had never practised to point an arrow. 


After this amazing moment at the train station I start to feel how I learn to focus and point my arrows. Not to just get my own will, but to discipline myself so I can offer what I am here for.


And sharing of what she is here for, Kristin also does by offering regular Movement Medicine classes in Basel, whoever wants to join her healing, creative, nurturing and playful evenings of Mit dem Leben Tanzen (Dancing with Life).

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