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Shopping Dance
By Hanna
First of all, I wish to thank you very much for the support and encouragement I received from you, and of course for the articles contributing to this newsletter! Its that time of the year in which we are witnessing this consumerism phenomenon around Christmas. Suddenly the shelves are even fuller as usual, and even more stuffed plastic bags travel with people from shop to shop to shop ... Things are wrapped even more shiny, golden, red, and “seductive”, and even more people seem to be urgently needing to buy things.... and things and things …. more>
The Wounded Healer
By Susannah
Thank you for all the feedback from the last article on this subject of being a woman shamanic practioner. It clearly touched something important for many of you. I want to write just a little bit more (for now!) on this subject. Do you know the idea of the “wounded healer”? more>
Rhythm and Timing on the Consciousness Trail
By Ya`Acov
Do you notice how the year seems to speed up once we get into late October and November? Maybe it’s the shorter days or the early appearance of Christmas in the shops, but suddenly, we seem to be racing towards the end of another year. The summer is long gone and the autumn rains have softened the ground. The back door mat is muddy from our morning walks and those flooded fields are once again a part of the landscape of South West England. more>
Putting the Boy Together
By Roland
“It’s time to put the boy together now.” said Ya’Acov in a quiet voice to me. When he turned away I rolled my eyes - why should he have a say in our carefully constructed art installation for the fire altar? I took down one part of the photo of the boy, that had been ripped in two and then stuck on the wall so that there was a jagged gap between the two halves, and repositioned it on the wall, so it married up with its matching half and the tear between the two halves was scarcely visible. I then promptly forgot all about it for 11 years. more>
One pointed arrow of body, heart and mind
By Kristin Glenewinkel
I want to share a story of my journey to the Long Dance this summer. We were on the way to the Airport and the train stations were full. Train stations in Switzerland always appear as a palace of perfection to me: they are small, clean and every centimetre is used in the most efficient way. This evening the trains were late, unusual situation, so we decided to take another route to the destination and jumped into a full train, needing to change trains after twenty minutes. more>
Tree of Life
By Elisabeth Schrag
I want to share an experience I had during the second module of Hollow Bones with Caroline in Cae Mabon this autumn. In waves we went deeper and deeper to the lower world during a drum session. I had this feeling I am a very old beach tree, strong and deeply rooted with branches and roots making connection with other trees. more>
In this white Light
By Vanessa
As always, Susannah led us this weekend full of “Power of the Heart” so skilfully and softly, right to the heart of it all. After moving for hours and through many layers in the 4 chambers, the Wise Elder was first imagined right in front of us. But sooner than the invition came, I felt the urge to step into her field. She seemed so much an older me, my curiousity drawing me in. There I stood, in the centre of my circle, wise enough to Love it All. What a place to find ourselves in, dear dancers! more>
Dare to Dream
By Heidi Nolte
I am a woman, turning 60 in December. My parents are about to leave this world and one of my best friends (I have been living in a community with him and his wife the past 28 years) is very ill and will die within the next years. Time to dare to dream? It doesn't seem to be. But I still have enough power to change and to open a new chapter of my life. more>
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