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By Lindsey Spinks
It is almost 2 months Manari was here with us at the Long Dance, sharing his ancient culture and asking for help to protect the Sapara land and ancestry. Manari is back in Ecuador and facing an intensifying situation. There is only a few weeks left for the oil companies throughout the Amazon to get consent from the landowners to the land in order to carry out seismic testing. If they find oil, the ownership of the land will pass in to the hands of the Ecuadorian Government, which is disastrous.

Now is a key time to support the community.

Manari's culture is one with deep connection to the land and understanding of the delicate and interdependent role every aspect of nature has.  Manari explains that if the land is taken, this connection will be broken and the Sapara people become a lost civilisation.

It is not too late.  We have truth and determination on our side.  The more united the communities and their supporters are, the stronger our presence becomes.  We also have our connection to the spirit world, which can give us strength and guide us.

What you can do:

Send a letter

You can send a letter to the President through Pachamama Alliance

Help with Website

We have created a group called Amazon Action UK.  I need to add content to the website and keep a blog going. Can you help?


Can you draft a Press Release? Do you have contacts within the media – Press, other written media or film?  Could you write an article?  Come to Ecuador and film?


Are you a campaigner? Do you have other strategies? We are looking to UNESCO, the Pope and other avenues.

Join the Sapara in Ecuador

Through their tourism project Naku (Sapara for forest). You can come as a visitor to immerse yourself in the Sapara way of life and learn and share their rich Heritage.  See


If you can help in anyway, please let me know.  If you would like to contribute to Manari and the Sapara, you can also donate on

If you can help in any way or even have suggestions, please let me know at


Pachamama Alliance -

Amazon Watch -

Accion Ecologica -

Sos Yasuni -

Eyes of Gaia -

Guardian reports:

Videos of Manari -

Oil Spill 2nd July 2014

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