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By Jayne Bullen
After the Mandorla, even a year on, I am struck by its presence everywhere in my life it was as if I had this part of a golden puzzle that I needed in my toolkit and just had never seen it before.

Since ‘finding’ the work and dancing it, I have also been visually struck by its presence that keeps showing up for me in nature, as if it were some Arcadian code or rhythm that was there all along and needed to be shown to me and is now everywhere, teaching me. Just after doing the work, I saw it everywhere, its presence and power. I saw how most of my great inspirations, teachers and masters Had this concept under the belts as part of their toolkits in common – they knew to illuminate and enlighten contraction and seemingly opposing concepts in ways that were profound and meaningful and that was what inspired me about them. It was at the time when my all-time hero Madiba was coming to slowly end his life and I went with Caroline to the apartheid museum in Joburg – there it was again so clearly – the ultimate Mandorla that made the man: he had found a way to embrace his indigenous heritage and roots and at the same time illuminate his Western education and influence. He is a true embodiment of someone who found deep power and light in two often opposing forces – everyone loved and admired him – blacks, whites and everyone in-between because of this. We all envied how articulately he had transformed the most seemingly complex opposing ways of being into sheer brilliance in a way that could turn a government, country and world around. Within himself, he had truly found a way to illuminate both the eagle and falcon of his story in a resonant, profound way.

Understanding this dichotomy of existence and seeing that it is possible to illuminate to apparently opposing fields in my life unlocked a lifelong frustration with ‘having to choose’. I have always been tormented by contradiction and choice, always seen both side to all coins and have always struggled with this need to ‘choose’ in many aspects of my life. I blamed it on being a Libran – always needing to see both parts of the balancing of the scales, using it as an excuse to often delay decision making and clarity. Finding this vital piece of work in my body was a huge unravelling for me – I for the first time Got that no choice can come about without full illumination, exploration and understanding of both sides that make up the intrinsic contradiction of being human. That both sides of any coin are vital and contribute to the intrinsic whole and that often there isn’t a good or bad side that needs extracting and dismissing. It allowed me to clearly see that all angles and perspectives of a story are part of its healthy, balanced whole much of the time. Without understanding and illuminating death, how can possibly illuminate life? Without integrating the masculine, how can the feminine by met and in her power? And so it goes – my Mandorla was about my constant need to be both a rock and feather – both weighted and rooted by free and frivolous at the same time. I have always felt bound by a need to ‘be’ one of these things and in the instant I stepped into that constellation, I saw that I can be all these things and embody whatever I need to as part of my journey. I am the mother, the father, the woman and the warrior. I am a dancer that knows all these things. No more pro and con lists, no more conundrums about positions I feel I need to take, now I know how to stand in the centre of my own Mandorla’s and navigate clearly the contradiction that it means to be alive. Within me I hold the north, south, east, west; the yin and the yang; I am the seed and its tree and all these things, at the same time, I can be.

Thank you Caroline for this vital piece of my toolkit, puzzle and journey. I am so grateful and empowered by this finding of yours and the deep wisdom it has offered me as a dancer.

Jayne Bullen

Cape Town, South Africa

Mandorla work with Caroline Carey

Caroline is teaching Movement Medicine as a guest teacher for the School of Movement Medicine this Sept.

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