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Growing our Movement Medicine Community

By Susannah
3 wonderful things are coming together: 1) We are community. We are more and more aware of how many amazing people doing potent, beautiful work on many levels. We want you to be able to find out about each other and connect, support, learn from each other, collaborate. A sane future, as we see it, needs our inter-connection and mutual creativity.

2)    How to connect. Soon, on our (new) website, there will be a page called community Mosaic. On this page will be a picture of the mandala. To begin with it will be silver blue gray. If you want to make yourself visible within the Movement Medicine community, you send a picture and whatever words you want (this is called a pictogram) to the Movement Medicine Mosaic. Your image becomes one pixel which starts to “colour in” the mandala, and other dancers can find you, either by looking, or by searching for key words. You can put as much or as little contact information up there as you want. We hope this will be ready soon, and wanted to let you know so that you can start thinking about what you might want to say to us all. This Movement Medicine community Mosaic will be a pilot “daughter mosaic” which grows out from the “6 Billion Reasons” and “Mosaic Earth” project which some of you will be aware of and is open for your messages!

3)    Where to connect. Our wonderful new website will be online (we hope) on the 29th September.


With love, Susannah Darling Khan

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