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Best laid plans
By Roland
"The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft agley." This little phrase comes from a poem by Robert Burns written in Scots but is often paraphrased in English as "The best-laid plans of mice and men / Often go awry" and was made famous by John Steinbeck when he used it for the title of his novel ‘Of Mice and Men.’ Our plans, which have gone a little awry, are the preparations for the School of Movement Medicine Brochure for 2015. more>
Letter from Suannah
By Susannah
Dear Movement Medicine community, I want to thank you for all the support, understanding and love that I have received in my journey with my mother’s journey. She died on the 11th July after over 3 years journey with cancer. more>
A Summer to Remember
By Ya'Acov
This afternoon, we will begin the third cycle of our Apprenticeship Programme with a very strong circle of new apprentices who are gathering from 17 different countries. I don’t remember ever being so calm and happy about going back to work. more>
Growing our Movement Medicine Community
By Susannah
3 wonderful things are coming together: 1) We are community. We are more and more aware of how many amazing people doing potent, beautiful work on many levels. We want you to be able to find out about each other and connect, support, learn from each other, collaborate. A sane future, as we see it, needs our inter-connection and mutual creativity. more>
By Jayne Bullen
After the Mandorla, even a year on, I am struck by its presence everywhere in my life – it was as if I had this part of a golden puzzle that I needed in my toolkit and just had never seen it before. more>
By Lindsey Spinks
It is almost 2 months Manari was here with us at the Long Dance, sharing his ancient culture and asking for help to protect the Sapara land and ancestry. Manari is back in Ecuador and facing an intensifying situation. There is only a few weeks left for the oil companies throughout the Amazon to get consent from the landowners to the land in order to carry out seismic testing. If they find oil, the ownership of the land will pass in to the hands of the Ecuadorian Government, which is disastrous. more>
Movement Medicine and Lucid Dreaming
The Poetry of Presence Movement Medicine and Lucid Dreaming Workshop with Ya’Acov and Charlie Morley is coming up in September. Here, bestselling author, Charlie, talks about the connection between Movement Medicine and lucid dreaming practice. more>
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