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Gateways Of The Mind

November 8th-9th 2014

The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London

The Consciousness Revolution is here!

Ya’Acov Darling Khan – Co-founder of The School of Movement Medicine one of the keynote teachers for 2014!

Gateways Of The Mind returns to London on the 8th & 9th November for another transformational weekend of presentations, practical sessions, panel debates, meditational soundscapes, art and workshops.

A gateway of the mind is a methodology to enable us to understand our deeper self, the cosmos and the nature of reality. There are many gateways of the mind, including lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, shamanic practices, meditation, dance to name a few. The by-products of these practices include physical and emotional well-being, healing, mind-training, consciousness expansion and wisdom. The aim of these practices are viewed similarly across many ancient traditions – the integration of our 'ultimate self' with our physical self in order to transcend the cycle of birth, death, afterlife and re-birth. 

Gateways London '14 will present experts, authors and practitioners who will elucidate on each part of the wheel of life and outline the importance of lucidity throughout. From one of the most ancient surviving civilisations on the planet, the Dogons, to the wisdom tradition of the Sufis and to the research by some of our most progressive Western minds. 

As we strive to understand and explain our very essence it is important to maintain an open and expansive approach to our personal evolution. What can we learn from our ancestors and their experiences and how do we combine that with our own in today’s digital driven world? 

Combining sacred and ancient knowledge with cutting edge ideas Gateways Of The Mind attempts to connect the dots and provide inspiration for us all on our personal journey. 

This years line-up includes:

-        Dr. Rupert Sheldrake – Word Famous Author & Biologist

-        Ya’Acov Darling Khan – Co-founder of The School Of Movement Medicine

-        Dr. Nigel Hamilton – Head of the UK Sufi Order

-        Dr. Nigel Hamilton – Neuropsychiatrist & Author

-        Penny Sartori – Near Death Experience Expert and Author

-        Naba Shenmirah Iritah – Dogon Priest Of The Khemetic Tradition


All information on the speakers and their presentations can be found at 

Through a mutual friend and colleague Charlie Morley – Ya’Acov and Davyd Farrell – co-founder and organizer of Gateways Of The Mind were introduced to each other and immediately got on with many shared interests and passions. Ya’Acov felt strongly that the introduction of movement into Gateways would be an excellent way to demonstrate another of the more subtle but extremely important messages of this event – that of ‘Conscious Living’

Ya’Acov will be the last teacher on the first day (Saturday 8th) and will hold the space between the waking state and the dream world over night before recommencement of the event on the Sunday morning.

More information on Ya’Acov’s presentation ‘A Matter Of Spirit’ and the associated practical exercise at Gateways can be found here on the event website


Last Early Bird tickets now available with

20% discount available – only 35 tickets available!

The 3rd and final batch of specially priced tickets are now available at £130 for the full weekend of Saturday & Sunday. Normal price is £165

Tickets can be purchased directly here –

Please note that the capacity of this venue is only 270 people and both of the previous early bird ticket offers sold out which means the event is now already over ½ full.

If you are thinking of coming to this extraordinary weekend then we do advise not only booking your ticket early to save money, but also if you are coming from outside of London to help plan your hotel and travel well in advance.

Gateways Of The Mind started out in 2012 and is now run in both London and Dublin. Initially focusing on lucid dreaming and out of body experiences the event has subsequently evolved and grown into a much more expansive event that looks at consciousness exploration and evolution from many different perspectives. Thus – there are always teachings from ancient and traditional wisdom paths coupled with the latest western and scientific thinking and the most cutting edge thinkers and practitioners of our time.


The Consciousness Revolution is here – are you a part of it?




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