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The poem below, 'Behind' is written by Ya'Acov. He read it to those who were gathered to celebrate his 50th birthday at the end of April and I was so struck by how it captured something essential both about him and about the Movement Medicine work, I immediately asked if we could publish it in this newsletter. I am so glad that he has agreed and I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I do - Roland




Out of sight

A flash of light

Across my eyes


A missed heartbeat

An Unexpected turn

Something so well known and

So well forgotten the first time

I opened my eyes


There it is.

Not a memory. Not a sound.

Not sight. Not smell, taste or touch.

Not even a sixth sense.


Not in a holy book

Or on the screen

Or on the front page


Something so known to me and so forgotten

Invisibly quickening the blood

Turning the wheel

Bursting the bud


Between breaths

The marriage of moving and not moving

Slow as a mountain

And fast as a quicksilver hare through the long grass


It’s this that pierces the veil

It’s this that is singing in the silence

It’s this invitation

To be here

To keep on reaching

So far past what I think I know

It dawns at the end of imagination and

Ushers me into the Unknown


It’s this other conversation of parallel words in parallel worlds

Where my hand touches your hand

And the eye sees without looking

And the heart pulls through dreams from the other side

And I turn sideways

And like the people of old

I disappear into the light


Ya’Acov DK   April 24, 2014

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