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Manari, Welcome to the Long Dance!

By Susannah & Ya'Acov
We are honoured that this year, Manari Ushigua Kaji, a visionary leader from the Sapara people of the Ecuadorian Amazon, will be with us for the Long Dance. The Sapara people are a dream culture who are on the edge of extinction, and yet exude joy, gentleness and strength.

Manari’s village was declared a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity site in 2002. Manari carries an ancestral legacy delivered by his Father. His people are famous in the Art of Dreaming, healing and curing, and walking the path of evolution and transformation. His learning material was his life in the Amazon Rainforest as a child with his father and family. Years later, Manari studied in the city of Puyo and joined the regional indigenous organization to ensure that his people's voices were heard and their territory protected. He has become well recognized and respected for his work in this area. There are still several public policies that affect the integrity and violate the rights of the Sapara people. This is especially so in what the Ecuadorian Government has called the 11th Round of oil exploration that affects 100% of the Sapara Territory. Manari leads a permanent vigil designed to support the rights of his people who are determined to not allow this to happen. The Sapara poeple consider that this possibility that their land will be exploited for oil is a criminal act towards themselves and the generations that will follow. They are also well aware destruction of the Amazon would affect the sustainability of life on earth for the generations to come. During his years as a tribal and political leader, he has coordinated and been the President of the Sápara Nationality of Ecuador, the Binational Coordinator of the Sapara of Ecuador and Peru and the Vice National Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of Ecuador called CONAIE. Manari is the also the father of 3 girls to whom he is passing on the legacy of the art of dreaming and healing passed to him by his father.

We met him this past January in his home village in the Amazon and we are delighted that he will join us.

The Long Dance is open for those ready to make a commitment to dancing prayer and action for all our relations. The central project we are dancing for this year once more is the Pachamama Alliance, which supports the Achuar and the Sapara in their stand for the forest and for all of life. If you wish to join us for the School of Movement Medicine’s annual celebration of life, please be in touch with Roland urgently to take up one of the last places available. If you are unable to make it, please feel free to support the event by making a donation to the Pachamama Alliance. Please make sure to mark that your donation is in connection with the Long Dance.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


Susannah & Ya’Acov

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