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Issue: Spring Extra Movement Medicine Newsletter
Two-bus Syndrome

By Roland
You've been waiting at the bus stop for what seems a long time when round the corner comes two buses - one directly behind the other. This syndrome now seems to have happened with the Movement Medicine newsletters.

The reason for this is a little mundane.  By mistake I left a couple of articles out of the March newsletter and then another two articles came along and it looked as if there was enough material for a special edition. And what good stories they are.

I can assure you that the next edition of this newsletter will not arrive until April and please do sumbit any articles you want to put forward for inclusion in good time.

First there is an article written by Virginie Rastello Longet about her Movement Medicine Journey over the course of a year and is a powerful account of discovery and transformation.

The story by Kristin Glenewinkel is another article in the ongoing series being submitted by Movement Medicine apprenctices on the theme of the Environment and Social Justice.

Catherine Wright's story is a very humourous and very moving account of a recent Movement Medicine class that she taught in Edinburgh.

Finally there is a wonderfully powerful story from Maaianne Knuth from Zimbabwe about a workshop she attended in South Africa run by Caroline Carey.

I've also included boh Susannah and Ya'Acov's articles from the email sent last week in case you missed them.

Best wishes from a surprisingly sunny Devon.


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