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Issue: Spring Extra Movement Medicine Newsletter
Journey of Acceptance and Transformation

By Virginie Rastello Longet
My journey with Movement Medecine started in November 2012. And wow, what a year it has been since I first joined the dancefloor with Yaacov and Susannah!

I first joined MM with Love Stories  with Susannah, literally weeks after walking away from a toxic relationship where I had lost myself.

In this intensive workshop, I felt such love, such care, such openess and acceptance for each of us to be just who we are, the way we are, whatever we are going through. The invitation to just open ourselves to the truth of the moment and to just let it be, let it teach us, to open ourselves to what it had to tell us was so new to me. I realised I could freely open myself to my emotions, cry all the tears that needed to be cried, just give it to the dance and let the healing take place, trusting my inner dancer knew just what I needed and would do the job...

I think I cried for 48 hours non stop, tears of sadness, tears of regrets, tears of anger and fear, but also tears of gratitude, tears of relief, tears of feeling home and whole again, of understanding deep in my body, heart and soul what this love story I had just ended had brought in my life, had taught me, how it had contributed to making me the personn I am today, and what lessons I could take from it.

It also allowed me to get a deeper perspective of the stories I had told myself about love and relationships since I was a little girl. All these believes that had made me accepte this kind of relationship, that had led me to forget and abandon myself in the process. I could see it very clearly, with a deep understanding, I could see that story running through generations of the women in my lineage, the stories of male supremacy, of abuse, of hiding your female power, of not shining too much and hiding your gifts and treasures, of not knowing your own value, of being afreaid of your own power, of hiding yourself in fear of dying if you showed who you truly are....

Deep inside of me, I could feel a healing had begun to take place, an understanding of where I come from, a clear sight of my patterns and limitations, and the possibility of choice. I could start to write another story, one where I would be the author, thankful for the previous chapters, hopeful and trustful for the next chapters ahead of me.

In March, I danced Circle and Sword  with Yaacov. I met with my Yang energy, with my inner divine fire, that powerful warrior of light energy that had scared me so much, that I associated so much with male supremacy, with anger and domination. I made peace with that strength both in me and around me, I understood how blocking that Yang energy in my life had led me to forget myself and to lose myself  so much, how my circle and its boundaries were blurred, how I was not being responsible enough for myself. In that deep Haka strength, deep inside my womb, I could feel how I can grow my power without oppressing others, I could see how I can have boundaries without being selfish, I could sense how I could make my own choices and be responsible for them without fearing to disappoint everybody else...And I could feel the bliss of balancing the Yin and the Yang in my life, the force of chosing consciously which one I could invoke for help and guidance, the liberation of welcoming them both with gratitude and respect, leaving the old stories of good and bad, male and female, strong and weak opposition, seeing it as a whole package that i can welcome and play with joyfully...

Reviewing the past intense and painfull months I had gone through, Yaacov's mantra kept dancing in my heart and mind : Here I am. And I'm still Dancing.

In september, I joined Initiation. Dancing deeply with the elements,my roots, my ancestors, my stories. Sharing the bliss, the joy, the tears, the astonishment, the gratitude, the love,with so many amazing and courageous companions. Connecting deeply with my vocation, allowing myself to accept it with joy, gratitude and courage. Receiving so many messages and blessings from my ancestors and from Spirit. One day, in the dance, I could see all the males and females in my lineage standing behind me, telling me that all the gifts I had received they handed to me to share to the world, that this medecine was in the family for a very long time and was very precious, that they had looked over it for centuries, that it had been placed in me for a reason and that they counted on me to take care of it, to offer it and dedicate it to the world, for they had done their best during their life time and that it was now my turn to continue the offering, to channel that loving energy.

During the whole workshop I felt so deeply whole and home, so profoundly connected to the spirit of love, so alive, so connected to the element, so human. And so deeply connected to my dancing companions, and to humanity as a whole. I could review my whole life, make sense to all I had been throught, make peace with what was ready to go, aknowledge what still needed to be seen and danced,  allow the possibility of not knowing what next but of trusting life would show me the way.

I could welcome myself, as I am now, with all there is, accepting and receiving myself with love and respect, with understanding and compassion. Accepting to see myself in all I am instead of seeing myself in all I lack .

And feeling so blessed and filled with gratitude to have found such a wonderful community, such amazing companions to share the journey with. I could really feel that I am not alone, there are companions along the way, I dont need to fear being so « different », I am not alone.

I came back feeling blessed, filled with love and gratitude, aware a brand new path had opened for me, allowing myself to dare to dream and dare to manifest my dreams.

In November 2013, I joined Source with Susannah. It had been exactly one year since I had walked away from my relationship, and since I started dancing with movement medecine. and God what a year it had been !

I joined the workshop with the intention to make it a ritual that would close my year of grieving and with the wish to open my heart again and be ready to welcome love fully in my life again.

Meeting with the divine mother and father, I could aknowledge everything I had learned in that year of grieving, and I realised I had learned to be a good mother and father to myself, that i had cleaned some layers of my attachment and depency in relationships. I could sense that sparkling energy of vibrant life in me, and how this energy had filled my everyday life in the past year.

I sensed also in my body how my dance had changed, how it was easier for me to share with the others, to allow myself to dance in my own clearly marked circle when I needed, to be clearer about what I want and don't want, to plerk without fear or shame, to give myself and the others that beautiful YES energy, to surrender to the dancer and just let myself be danced....

How transformative, deep and conscious this journey has been so far. How much it has connected me to love, to spirit, to the sheer joy and bliss of being human and of being alive, to the power of intention, to the strength of community, to the inner wisdom we all carry,and to so much more....

One of he most amazing discovery I have made along the way is that this is not a learning process. For me it has been a journey of opening myself more and more, surrendering, accepting to be broken open, finding doors, opening them, and reconnecting to ancient wisdom that is already there, and just allowing this wisdom and knowledge to speak through me.

I don't have to learn anything, as a matter of fact I don't have to want or do anything either.

I just need to open myself and surrender with trust and let it speak and happen through me while I danse. The seeds are already there, planted in me through generations and generations. My only job is to open the door, let the light in, and it will blossom and offer its fruits to the world.

I am getting ready to join Journey of Empowerment this year and feel so blessed and joyful at the idea of dancing through the rest of my life, opening doors, discovering new worlds, meeting amazing companions, sharing the pure bliss of being alive and dancing !

For all these blessings, I wish to thank you all, Susannah and Yaacov, and all the community of dancers, for making all this possible. May our dreams find their dance in this life and inspire more and more people to find their own dance, and dare to dream their own dreams !


Virginie Rastello Longet

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