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Issue: Spring Extra Movement Medicine Newsletter
Movement Medicine Mesa Magic at the Mela

By Catherine Wright
You might think…. all you new (and not so new now if you include me!) Movement Medicine teachers and facilitators That there are certain prerequisites for Movement Medicine. Everyone should have read the brochure ‘What you see is what you get’ Everyone must know what they are in for. It has to be private. Movement Medicine is by no means a performance.

Last year, I offered a 'taster' session of Movement Medicine at an event called the Mela.
It is held in Loanhead Miners Welfare club.
Last year the session was in a little room with about twenty dancers. It was sweet and tender.

And somehow the medicine is in the movement, not in the prerequisites!!

I thought I knew what I was doing. (Ha ha ha said God)
This year.... with about three minutes warning.... (literally) I was asked to come out of the didgeridoo workshop on which I was a participant in order to do my session in the main hall. Which was huge, with dozens of people hanging around.
I was linked into the main sound system (no traktor).
So for the first five minutes I was (as politely and encouragingly as I could) asking people to either join in or leave.....
(Movement Medicine not really being a performance practice.....)
It was a bit like the proverbial herding of cats

“ Ummmm …..If you are going to stay… that’s just GREAT! And (for health and safety reasons)….. it would be great if you took off your shoes and socks…..
actually the socks are probably more important than the shoes from the safety perspective?! Ummmmm"

All very very outside of my comfort zone.

OF course lots of people DIDN'T leave

But then, the magic happened.
Movement Medicine arrived in Loanhead Miners Welfare Club.
Women in saris
Big men and women
Small men and women
We all did the MESA practice
And invited in the elements
And shook our booty
And dropped into a tender receiving of the echo.
(There was not a dry eye in the house)

Not quite sure what I have started.
Afterwards I received several invitations to do rather unusual MM classes….

But do you know?
I too felt proud of myself
And proud of our practice

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