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Two-bus Syndrome
By Roland
You've been waiting at the bus stop for what seems a long time when round the corner comes two buses - one directly behind the other. This syndrome now seems to have happened with the Movement Medicine newsletters. more>
Journey of Acceptance and Transformation
By Virginie Rastello Longet
My journey with Movement Medecine started in November 2012. And wow, what a year it has been since I first joined the dancefloor with Yaacov and Susannah! more>
MM Environmental and Social Justice Group
By Kristin Glenewinkel
I want to share a bit of my journey here, about purpose and our engagement in the world. When I started the apprenticeship in 2012 I was told that it was about finding a deeper connection to my purpose of life. Why am I here and what is important for me, what really matters? more>
Movement Medicine Mesa Magic at the Mela
By Catherine Wright
You might think…. all you new (and not so new now if you include me!) Movement Medicine teachers and facilitators That there are certain prerequisites for Movement Medicine. Everyone should have read the brochure ‘What you see is what you get’ Everyone must know what they are in for. It has to be private. Movement Medicine is by no means a performance. more>
I am a Dancing Soul
Maaianne Knuth from Zimbabwe
At the end of November I went to Johannesburg for a workshop with Caroline Carey. It was a Movement Medicine workshop called the Circle, the Fire and the Phoenix. I almost did not go - because both my husband and my mother were traveling at that time. I have never left my children without one of the three of us present. more>
Journey to the Amazon
By Susannah Darling Khan
Episode I:

It was ‘business as usual’ as Maria and her mother, Mukasawa, the laughing, loving, enchanting grandmother of this Sapara Amazonian tribal community showed us women how they make their clay pots. more>
Return from the Forest
By Ya'Acov
We had some good friends over for dinner this week. They wanted to know the ‘full version’ of the story of our recent trip to Ecuador. ‘Are you sure?’ we asked. ‘Absolutely, every detail please.’ Five hours later, at 1am, we brought the telling to a close. more>
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