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Issue: Movement Medicine Newsletter March 2014
Repeating Meta Magic

By Victor Branaghan
Micro, medeo, macro, meta Micro, medeo, macro, meta Magic

Patterns repeated, patterns from our past,
Patterning our present and our future,
Dancing the oracle of repetition
Repetition to transition, repetition as volition,
Repetition to envision, a new mission, a new you,
Repetition, the mother of all skills

Move, step, turn, dance, repeat
Move, step, turn, dance, repeat
Find the pattern that connects

Speak of patterns, patterns that bind
In four minutes, compressed
Expressed, released, revealed
Spoken, shared, heard, Steps to being healed

Old to new, old you, new you, old me, new me
The shared dance of the new me,
Changing patterns through movement alchemy

Carving new patterns with fresh steps,
Step through the gateways with intention,
Patterns practiced with attention

Patterns selected, see, we are connected
To each other, to ourselves, to the lake, the waters of the lake,
Reach out, reach in, to the wisdom in the lake
The wisdom in the memories
Muscle has a memory, So

Let the dancer show you the way,
Keep giving it to the dancer, follow the dancer,
Let it unfold, let it be retold, behold
The dance flows, the dancer knows

Explore the uncomfortable shadows, our shadow self
Feel the heat, feel the beat, move into the new you,
Allow the exchange, be the change
Dance into the web, Dance the beat

Micro, medeo, macro, meta,
Micro, medeo, macro, meta

Repeat, repeat. Magic



Words of Appreciation. Meta Magic; Caroline Carey Dance Workshop, Cork, Ireland. January 2014

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