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Issue: Movement Medicine Newsletter March 2014
Life in the Woodshed

By Roland
I define myself as a man for whom happiness is a woodshed full of wood rather than a wallet full of money.

This sentence popped into my head while I was moving wood from one of my stores into the house.  I just love woodsheds – they have a distinctive homely smell which instantly evokes the picture of some ideal life of stored root vegetables, bread fresh from a bread oven, homemade jams in the larder, kettle gently steaming on the hob, long walks and crisp fresh air.  And that is just a beginning - I place my hands onto the carefully stacked logs, lean closer to breathe in again and savour floods of images of winter sunsets, the distinctive smell of wood smoke drifting in the air, the sound of rain falling on a tin roof and sheepskin slippers.  One final inhalation of breath – this time with my nose right up against the wood and I sense the musty aroma of the mice in their nests made from clematis seed heads which I know are somewhere at the back of the wood stack together with the moths, wasps, hornets and myriad of other small insects which have refuged here to hibernate away the winter.

This passion about wood extends beyond the pleasure of the smell in the wood shed to the selecting, collecting, cutting, stacking, sorting, storing, drying and moving of wood.  I could go on but I am sensing there is a small book’s worth of material here and I think it would now be good to bring everyone’s attention back to the main subject of this article.

Recently we have run two small competitions.  The first was to find out about people’s opinions as regards the design of School of Movement Medicine fliers.  We asked you to rate 35 fliers and give your opinion.   The clear favourite which emerged was ‘Love Stories’ – as one person wrote “wonderful, maybe my favourite of all, love, fire, fusion, passion, engagement, energy, movement great, I love it.” 

The winner of the competition was – I rather foolishly promised - going to be chosen at random by my cat Hitchcock.  As Hitchcock is a rather elderly neutered tom cat this has proved quite difficult to do as he spends most of his time asleep or if not actually sleeping then a recumbent pose with his eyes half closed.  In the end I put all the names of competitors and piled then up on the sofa beside him in the hope that he would eventually knock one (and just one) onto the floor and that would be the winner.  I am relieved to say that after just 45 minutes the process worked perfectly and a winner was chosen and it is Nancy Eschler from Germany – well done Nancy!  The information we have gained from this survey will prove very useful when we are designing future fliers and also with the new version of the School of Movement website which we think will be ready in a few months’ time.  Many thanks to all who took part!

The other competition was about the ‘Bringing the Dance back Home’ webinar series.  In this survey we were trying to find out what people liked about the webinars and how we could improve them.  There is a separate article about this elsewhere in this newsletter. 

The success of these two competitions has inspired me to run another.  For this competition you need to complete this sentence:

“I define myself as a _____ ……………………………………………..rather than ……………………………………………………...”

And send it to me at by March 31st 2014.  Just one entry per person.  And the winner (to be judged by the editorial team) will either receive a free weekend School of Movement Medicine workshop or £120 reduction on any School of Movement Medicine residential workshop organised by RW Events.   This prize can only be used for a workshop you have not  already booked on.  We are happy for you to give the prize to a friend if you prefer.  We would like to print a selection of the entries so all applicants should provide a name (or alias) with their entry and be happy for their entry to be printed.

With the joys of early spring in our hearts and bodies,



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