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Issue: Movement Medicine Newsletter March 2014
Bringing the Dance Back Home

We recently ran a survey about the School of Movement ‘Bringing The Dance Back Home Back Home’ Webinar series. Here are some of things that people are saying about the service.

Always feels great to dance on all levels so the webinars have been immensely important when was struggling to leave the house & lacked motivation to dance & helped me to re-connect when very ill. I liked the idea of saving the planet by not using up resources by dancing at home rather than travelling the world to dance & helped me get over my technophobe & see them as an all-round winner!! Beneficial to feel & be reminded of the collective, communal collaborative effect. Being able to dance & share my passion for movement medicine with my son, cat & dog & non- mm friends or who wouldn’t want to come to a big workshop. Feeling the web & reminded of the vastness of the weave. Claire Armstrong - UK

I continue to feel deeply connected to the Movement Medicine mesa and community, as we all dance together. I am able to practice MM with the guidance and support of S&Y, even as we are on opposite sides of the earth. I have been able to share this practice with friends, in my own home, and in communal space, so that they too can experience some of the essence of MM. I enjoy the freedom to resource the archived dances, when I would like to have guided practice.   Carey Yarrow.  South Africa.  Teacher, Bodywork Practitioner

I receive the energy of the MESA and the community I can feel during the dance. It makes me stronger. Véronique Champalou - France

The webinar series has strengthened my MM practice, making it a substantial part of my life. The monthly exposure to the teachings gives it a continuity I didn't experience before. Apart from that, it's just great to listen to and dance with Y & S on such a regular basis :). Erik Van der Veer.  The Netherlands.  Mentor/supervisor in child psychiatry.

I can make deep process and good dancing at any time, without traveling and spending a lot of money for workshops. If I dance with friends, I also have the benefit of human contact and the created energy field. Esther Zopfi. Switzerland. Teacher.

As I also take part in your workshops, I feel so connected to Susannah and Ya'Acov, when I take part in the webinar series where I can hear their voices and see them on the screen. It reminds me of the workshops and I'm almost instantly feeling much better than before. Mica Deinhardt. Germany. Translator

My experience of dancing to these webinars is the same as going to a class. So everything I would gain from that...getting teaching from my teachers, dancing alongside my fellow students (I have had several moments of tangibly feeling them dancing all around me, as if we were in the same room, despite us being in different countries), a great support to my personal practice, an expansion of my dance vocabulary, etc.  Ella Spiers. UK Decorator/Counsellor UK

Bringing some of the Movement Medicine workshop magic into my own home, encouraging my practice in small spaces, it is still possible to move and enjoy at any level. Feeling the connection of the circle around the world, helps me to stay connected and feel supported. Katherine McKenzie UK

Being able to dance at home being able to dance with my partner

The chance to dance MM class as there are none in my area except the ones I teach! I love being alone in my living room and yet connected. Very useful for those times when I have a shame dance to explore. Having the archive means I can have the support of Y&S teaching and of the circle of dancers whenever I need it which is particularly useful at the moment as my partner has cancer Kerri Cripps UK Teacher

I can stay at home with my son and at the same time do my practice and connect with a wide field of dancers all over the world. I receive high quality teachings that fit into my daily life and strengthen my relations to the place where I live, the people I deal with and the setting I live in. Kristin Glenwinkel Switzerland Physiotherapist and mother

It reactivates the dancer regularly, I can use the archives when I need to, for instance when I am going through difficult time or when I'm tired. I could share it with friends who didn’t know MM and introduce them to this practice. Virginie Longet France Coach and Therapist

The reason why I like the Webinars so much is that they help me find and strengthen connections: Between my Feet, my Head, my Heart. Between myself and the web of community woven by the Dancers around the Globe, and the magic of the Medicine into the daily surroundings of my life back home. Annmeike Van Bellen Apprentice Teacher - Social Worker

We are offering a reduced subscription to over the next few days for anyone who subscribes to service.  Sign up before Tuesday 18th March and you can have a year’s subscription to the live service and access to all the recorded webinars for £30 rather than the normal £30.  Please following this link

 The next webinar will be broadcast on Tuesday 11 March at 7.30

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