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Life in the Woodshed
By Roland
“I define myself as a man for whom happiness is a woodshed full of wood rather than a wallet full of money.” more>
Forthcoming Workshops
We have a full programme of workshops coming up over the next few weeks and hopefully there is something here that you will be able to take part in. more>
Journey to the Amazon
By Susannah Darling Khan
Episode I:

It was ‘business as usual’ as Maria and her mother, Mukasawa, the laughing, loving, enchanting grandmother of this Sapara Amazonian tribal community showed us women how they make their clay pots. more>
Return from the Forest
By Ya'Acov
We had some good friends over for dinner this week. They wanted to know the ‘full version’ of the story of our recent trip to Ecuador. ‘Are you sure?’ we asked. ‘Absolutely, every detail please.’ Five hours later, at 1am, we brought the telling to a close. more>
Bringing the Dance Back Home
We recently ran a survey about the School of Movement ‘Bringing The Dance Back Home Back Home’ Webinar series. Here are some of things that people are saying about the service. more>
Repeating Meta Magic
By Victor Branaghan
Micro, medeo, macro, meta Micro, medeo, macro, meta Magic more>
The dancing Tree of Life in Amazon
By Margus Mägi
“One round trip ticket from Earth to Heaven, please!” And once again I am on my transcendental journey. My Movement Medicine dancing practice is the engine. more>
All the Earth is Sacred
“I like to share with you that your music “All the Earth is Sacred” is a great supporter in my life. Some weeks ago I bought the songs just in a time of change, loss and grief. more>
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