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Issue: September Newsletter
The Man in Red Leather

By Roland
“Oh No!” The voice was plaintive but slightly muffled. “Roland!!” Now the voice was much louder and strongly insistent. I sat up in bed. Silence.

I woke my loved one. Together we listened to the voice. It was coming from outside.  We couldn’t distinguish any words.

“Perhaps it’s ____” Susanne said, naming one of my closest friends who has been having a difficult time recently.  “Drunk!” she added by way of explanation for such behaviour.

I decided to investigate and put on shoes and a dressing gown, found a torch and stepped outside into the night.   I walked a few paces away from the house and shining the torch about, found the source of the 'voice'.  Two cats – our resident cat, Hitchcock, and his dearest and only feline friend, Miss Chivers, were engaged in the cat equivalent of the Gunfight at OK Coral.  Neither cat looked up at me.  Their bodies were weirdly distorted.  Their faces grimaced.  Their attentions were locked in combat. Each cat occasionally uttered the foulest insult it could muster. 

I felt I had intruded upon something deeply private, not meant for my eyes.  I quietly retraced my steps and returned to bed.

The cat stand-off continued for 2 hours and its sounds intruded into long protracted dreams about the theft of a dearly loved red motorbike that I owned about 30 years ago. 

During the following days I wondered both about my slightly bizarre interpretation of cat screeching as my name being called and also about the significance of the dream about the motor-bike. 

I recall the feeling I had when I first saw the motor-bike with its deep red petrol tank and mudguards – a feeling which emanated from the pit of my stomach and which told me I must buy it - absolutely must buy it - even though the price was somewhat more than I could afford.  When the young man who was selling the machine also gave me his red leather jacket and red crash helmet and I put them on and rode off, I felt that a new chapter in life had begun and that I had allowed myself a new identity to grow into – ‘The Man in Red Leather’.  Several years later, following a near accident, similarly strong feelings told me to stop riding motorbikes for ever.  That brought that chapter in my life to a close.

It is, I believe, the not utterly rational decisions that are of the most profound consequence in our lives.  So when I read Susannah’s article about how they came to buy their new house, I realise the fundamental importance to them of finding land to care for and know how much that is not only going to enrich their lives but also will empower and deepen their teaching.

So many are the times that I have phone calls with potential participants for workshops that begin with them saying something like “I don’t know why, but I know that I must do this workshop”, that now I am no longer surprised but accept it as being part of the magic of the Movement Medicine work.  We are called to make change and waking to that call is part of the work that we must do.

The Initiation workshop 27th Sept – 3 Oct is now fully booked and we have just started a waiting list.  It may still be worth your while to make an application as usually one or two places become available at the last moment.

The other major residential workshop of the second half of the year is also booking very well.  This is the Returning Home workshop which runs from the 18th December to 22nd December at Waldhaus in Switzerland.  This workshop is already very well booked and I would recommend signing up soon if you want a place.  There is an early payment discount of Sfr 150 for those booking before the end of September.

The Bringing The Dance Back Home webinar series in now entering its third year.  At £35 for a subscription for 10 live webinars plus access to all the past webinars in the archive sections to watch as often as you want (this includes catching any live one you miss) this offers fantastic value for money.  Many people get together with a few friends to dance together on Webinar evenings which strikes me as a great way of sharing this work with those we care about.  The next webinar will take place on Tuesday 8th Oct.  And the other two date for the autumn are November 5th and December 17th.  Just follow the link for all next years’ dates and to sign up.

Other School of Movement Medicine workshops to look out for this autumn are:


18 - 20   Berlin, Germany.  She is Wild led by Caroline Carey. Contact: Kathrin +49 30 28458820

25 - 27 Verona, Italy. Freedom led by Mark Boylan.  Contact: Silvana & Tamara + 39 339 6571488


1-3     Luzern, Switzerland.  Arc of Time led by Susannah .  Contact: Kristin +41 788 013210

8-10   Paris. Source led by Susannah Contact: Pierre Henri:  + 33 615 325 816

8-10     Hamburg Tending the Circle led by Ya’Acov. Contact: Jens on +49 40 729 100 61

15 – 17  Cape Town, SA.  Heart Matters led by Caroline Carey.  Contact: Jayne + 27 737487743

15-17    Munich, Germany.  Circle and the Sword led by Susannah. Contact: Claudia on +49 89 292644

22-24   London.  Love Stories led by Susannah.  Contact:  Alex + 44 7868842219

22 -24  Johannesburg, SA.  Circle, Fire and Phoenix led by Caroline Carey. Contact: Jayne + 27 737487743

22-24   Prague The Way of the Dancing Warrior led by Ya’Acov in Prague. Contact: Veronika on +420 776 243 348

Wishing you the abundance of Autumn


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