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Issue: September Newsletter
Meeting the wild with Caroline Carey and Annemeike van Bellen

By Almut Ibler
I am on my journey home from a wonderful workshop led by Caroline Carey and Annemeike van Bellen. Meeting the wild was much more than just a dance movement workshop. It was a multi- facetted retreat where we were reminded again who we are really are.

Arriving in Cae Mabon, where the workshop took place, was like being in the lands of hobbits and trolls. Cae Mabon is one of the most magical retreat places I have ever been to. Hobbit huts in the middle of the forest, surrounded by a river and a beautiful lake with the mountains of snowdonia as backdrop. It felt like being in the spirit and fairy kingdom with the assistance of nature and all its elements.

On our first day, the earth day, we looked at our own story of leaving home. After dancing our story in a beautiful barn, we met at the bonfire, where we expressed our thoughts and feelings with some clay artwork. After that we ventured into the forest to meditate and contemplate further our leaving home story. In the evening we met for a shamanic journey led by the drumming of Caroline and Annemeike.

The next day, the fire day, we had a closer look with the support of our dance and with more artwork at our leaving home story and how much it still sculpts our lives today. I think I have looked at a lot of stories and events in my past, but I never really investigated my leaving home story. I was amazed at how much that story still shows up in my life. Before we went to bed we were led into another shamanic journey and went to the forest for more answers.

After a good night sleep and lots of dreaming in my wooden hut, that was built like a traditional home of the Navajo people, I raised to venture into our next day together, the water day. I felt immediately connected to the element of water, the constant roar of the river as background music defintely helped. The element of water just washed through my body and I had the feeling that a big clensing of old stories and beliefs was taking place.

On our last day, the air day, we got up early in the morning and went on a vision quest in nature. It was just pure bliss to lie in a field of blueberries, covered by ferns and trees and listen to the answers of mother nature. I never felt more held and supported. In the evening we met for our ceremonial theatre around the fire place in a roundhouse. Here we had the chance to let the spirit world know what our vision is for our life and what fairytale we would love to live.

I truly enjoyed my time in Cae Mabon and I felt always supported by the gentleness, love and support I received from Annemeike, Caroline and my fellow dancers. Meeting the wild was a workshop, where dance, vision quests, art work and wonderful people helped me to connect to myself again and encouraged me to live the life I want to live.

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