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The Man in Red Leather
By Roland
Oh No! The voice was plaintive but slightly muffled. Roland!! Now the voice was much louder and strongly insistent. I sat up in bed. Silence. more>
Standing on New Ground
By Ya'Acov
Back on the road again and were at the beginning of our 25th year of teaching. They say that time speeds up as we get older but Im not so sure. The more Im here, the more time stops. When Im not here or to be more precise, when Im caught in that strange place were all educated in to where the head, (or at least that portion of fantastic rationality somewhat to the left of the brain), seems to think its in control, then indeed time is moving way too fast. more>
Landing at 50 ...
By Susannah What a beautiful, unexpected, splendid, extraordinary summer we have had. In June we arrived in our new house and land, laughing with awe and gratitude and (almost) disbelief. In July I was 50 and we had my birthday party and house warming in one long beautiful celebration. more>
My Left Foot
By Samantha Brauer
Movement Medicine with my left foot. 4 days of Dancing with the Heart of the World. As always, my heart calling me to be there. My life arranged and orientated towards another opportunity to be reunited with our community of dancers and the privilege of Yaacov and Susannah holding us all in their creative mastery. more>
Meeting the wild with Caroline Carey and Annemeike van Bellen
By Almut Ibler
I am on my journey home from a wonderful workshop led by Caroline Carey and Annemeike van Bellen. Meeting the wild was much more than just a dance movement workshop. It was a multi- facetted retreat where we were reminded again who we are really are. more>
Movement Medicine Shop
From Susannah
Dear all, I want to introduce you to Tabitha, who has now taken over running the Movement Medicine Shop now that Frazer has moved on to focus on his counselling work. Frazer did a wonderful job for many years, and I know that many of you enjoyed his kind, warm, lovely presence and help in finding what you needed. Im sure you will join me in wishing him all the very best as his counselling work takes off. more>
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