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Issue: June 2013
Selling Movement Medicine

By Roland
A small trickle of blood was running down the neck of the woman sitting on the car seat in front me with my survival bag tucked round her to keep her warm. I was sitting on the sill of the door holding her hand while we waited for an ambulance to arrive. The ambulance seemed to be taking a long time.

It occurred to me that this moment was a very odd one and had an ‘out of time’ quality about it.  For 10 days I had followed an itinerary I had set myself of travelling to Scotland and walking on routes I had planned weeks previously and then had travelled to the Isle of Mull to take part in a family occasion of part scattering and part burying the ashes of one of my sisters on the small island of Iona.  Now the itinerary was disrupted and it was clear that my nephew and myself were going to miss our ferry back to the mainland  as the single track road was completely blocked by the two severely damaged cars involved in the crash.

I talked with the woman about several things and then she asked me what I did.  Now normally when I am asked this question I find giving a good answer difficult.  This is in part because I always feel that I have to concentrate on either describing the Movement Medicine practice or to talk about my role within the organisation.  I am mindful of a conversation I had several years ago with a very large man who had recently retired from being a PE instructor for an army parachute regiment who on hearing what I did for a living, challenged me with “Oh so if you are responsible for the publicity, then sell this Movement Medicine to me.”  After a few minutes he interrupted to inform me that I had failed the challence and that he wouldn’t be found anywhere near a dance floor.  I let his words hurt me deeply.

I can’t remember exactly what I said to the woman in the car, but I talked about free style dance, ecstatic dance, dancing with the elements and how it was practiced by thousands of people around the world and how many of them had found out through the practice who they really were and what they had come to this world to do.  “That sounds really wonderful,” the woman said and, for the first time in the fifteen minutes I had been there, she smiled and seemed to relax a little.  In the short silence that followed I imagined her on the dance floor gracefully drifting though the other dancers.  Then we heard the sound of the ambulance siren and we said goodbye.

An event which does not need too much selling is the Summer Long Dance which is due to take place 4th – 10th July.  Due to some cancellations we still have a few places left.  If you feel that you are one called to be there please contact me at and I will send you an application form or you can download one from and send it to me by email.  I am also looking for one more person to come onto the practical crew team.  The people on the team pay a reduced fee and get a free weekend workshop for their work.  Please contact me if you are interested.

The Initiation workshop 27th Sept – 6th October is also well booked and there are now just a few places left.  The application form for this workshop is at  This workshop is an essential pre-requisite for those wishing to take part in the next Apprenticeship Programme and this will be the last chance to do it if you wish to apply for the next Apprenticeship Progamme which will begin August 2014.

There are no other School of Movement Medicine workshop during the rest of July and August.  In September the programme will restart with the following two workshops.

6 - 8  Norway  Ya'Acov Dancing with the Heart of the World. Contact: Marit +47 45604535

6 -8 Holland      Susannah Love Stories. Contact: Frank +31 71 8893253

For details about other Movement Medicine events please go the newly up and running Movement Medicine Association Website at where you find details of all classes, workshops and Movement Medicine inspired events run by Movement Medicine teachers and facilitators.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the articles we have in this month’s edition of the newsletter.  The next newsletter should be out at the beginning of September.





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