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Issue: June 2013
The Challenge of Returning Home

by Chirstine Pechan
After Re-Creation I spent another night at Totnes and went together with a friend to a special Movement Medicine dance class in Dartington, where I also met some wonderful participants of Re-Creation, enjoying that the dance went on!

For monday, the morning of my departure, I chose to release the burden I am carrying on my shoulders, hips... and change responsibility for all the people I take care of into love. The following day gave me a wonderful reflection of my old pattern in competition with my new story. At Brussels airport I got my first chance. An old woman noticed my first aid stand-by service at once and asked me, if I could accompany her. We had to change the gates in 15 minutes, a short time, so she intended to use the airport service of electric cars, because of her injured hip. How could I refuse? At Brussels we arrived with a delay of 10 minutes, so I was glad to join her. But nobody was waiting for her at the exit and the countdown began. Looking for help I ran through the passport control but after some precious minutes only a small woman arrived with a wheel chair. ''Calm down! The next flight will be free for you two", she told us, but I felt a little doubt, that this will go also for me. And the old woman became more and more nervous. So I stopped thinking about and fell into a feeling of deep trust and repeated continuously the words, "We will arrive in time, don't be angry" for us two (in opposite to one of my eldest nightmares). Suddenly an electric car appeared from nowhere and together with the airport assistant, we began an interesting catch through the underground closed part of Brussels airport only stopped by a quick control of our bodies. So we arrived only 5 minutes later at our gate  -  that wasn't yet opened!

Full of gratitude for this experience we continued our journey, which changed into a comedy, when we arrived at Hamburg. An ambulance bus waited for her at the exit of the plane and for the second time she asked me, if I would stay with her. A friendly man welcomed us, telling the rules for handicaped persons and the most important parts of his own life at the airport ambulance. His stories flew out of his mouth while he turned back to us, driving round and round between the planes. I felt involved in all these circumstances, noticing a lot of my old shapes in a new humorous way. At the end when the last door closed behind us the woman discovered the mistake of her luggage. So I called the ambulance back to help her again and said good bye.

Coming home is and was at every time a great challenge for me, because it is difficult to share my feelings with my waiting husband. So easy to fall back into my old habits.  A low disappointment was growing in my stomach. Late in bed I decided hopefully to release this old story as soon as possible. The SEER-Process is one of the greatest gifts I've got at Re-Creation to break up my old structure, make peace with my past, honour who I am now and create my future. There are so many stories to dance like dreams to become true. What a chance. And every day I have to remember Ya'Acovs words at the beginning, "step by step"....  My heart is full of gratitude for your great support. 21 gratitudes to all of us, all supporting energies seen and unseen.


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