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Issue: June 2013
Love Stories from Dublin

By Love Stories from Dublin
Love stories, stories of love Loving movement, move in love, move into love Through the medicine of dancing, dreaming, daring Dare to dance, dare to dream

Yes, yes, yes


Awareness of the heart -The body, mind and heart

Mind-full-ness, body-full-ness, heart-full-ness

Accepting, receiving, giving, being - My being,

Loving life and living love, life giving love, giving love life


Yes yes yes


One steps in, two step out, three step back and round about

Some they twist, more they shout,

With movement medicine, it all comes out


Through the feet and knobbly knees, with painted toes and jangly beads

Our damaged hearts and emotional needs

The movement heals, as the music feeds


Yes yes yes


Back massaging, massaging back – giving, receiving, giving back

The wisdom words of the wise elder – whispered,

From the heart to the heart, freely given, but harder to receive

I am worthy to receive – only say the words – and I shall receive

Could this be love, could you be love, could I be love


Yes, yes, yes


Patterns of love, stated; statements of love, voiced; statues of love, danced.

Feel the fears, conquer the dangers,

Find the loving kindness in the hearts of strangers,

Love’s lovers, sons and daughters, sisters, brothers

Connecting love, through the hearts of others


Love deep, hold in the heart dear

In the heart near, far, wherever you are


Yes yes yes, we can!

Through Love Stories with Darling Khan

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