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Issue: June 2013
Chosen Surrender

By Susannah
Last summer, on holiday in the mountains of Portugal I received strong promptings that I needed a more profound relationship with land. That I needed to live on and have guardianship of land. Those of you who know me well will probably know that working on my Uncle and Aunt’s organic farm in Wales was a formative part of my childhood. It was my heaven and haven on earth. That was the meaning of “land” for me. Land, farm, hay, animals, the smell of hay and grass after the rain.

Anyway, last summer, we took the message seriously but decided that, at this point in our lives we needed to ask “land” to wait and enjoy the land of our garden! Then, this spring, “land” returned with a strong passionate voice. So we started, playfully, to look at what was available. Suddenly it was there. A unique place which has been taken care of in a way full of imagination and awareness. Step by step the land claimed us, and we fell in love. Step by step we worked through the mini practical obstacles. Our house sold in a couple of days. We agreed a date to complete. Again and again we thought that buying this new place might be impossible and I found myself getting uptight and upset. I found that handing it back to spirit, handing it back to the great choreographer brought a real shift into grace. It’s not in my or our hands. All we can do is play our part, and then hand it over and let go.

Up to the last minute there were hitches. Several times we thought that we might have to rent somewhere. The night before the removal company started moving us out of our old home, we did a little ceremony of thanks, rememberance  and blessing for the house which has been such a sanctuary for us for nearly 13 years. Reuben was with us and we had a beautiful time remembering our family life and moments together. The next day, as our old house was emptied, we were still dealing with details with our solicitors and the mortgage company, and still had not exchanged contracts. Dancing with the unknown and staying stable enough to function was not too difficult but we each had our moments! It all worked out, and we moved in on the day we needed to, the same day on which we exchanged and completed. I’m really grateful to the team of people who helped us get it together on time, so we could move smoothly from old to new.

And here we are. We’ve found home. We feel ridiculously blessed and grateful. A place with some land, a stream, hydro-electricity from the stream, and trees, young and old. It’s on the edge of Dartmoor. Some of it is old and whole, some of it is reclaimed land becoming whole again. So, so beautiful. Every day we’re having to expand to receive this extraordinary gift and responsibility. Its already been taken a long way, many old and beautiful trees were already here, many have been planted, and there is much more now we can do to go to the next step into supporting the bio-diversity here.

So, there you are. People talk about manifestation, but this feels more like active, chosen surrender. We will need some time to grow into this and what it means and what it opens. What is amazing is that energetically we both feel so different already. Roots and branches. I’m 50 this summer and I feel I’ve come full circle to land in land at the beginning of this next half century. Thank you life!

And we are so pleased that we can welcome the 3 young Amazonian leaders in the Long Dance, and feel these threads all coming together, of dance, prayer and action in and for and with the world.

If you want to do something to wish me happy birthday, please support the Pachamama Alliance, or/and buy some music from the Musical Mosaic in the Movement Medicine Shop to support the “Earth Mosaic” which is soon to be re-born in new vigour and effectiveness,

Thank you life, thank you all,

Susannah Darling Khan

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