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Selling Movement Medicine
By Roland
A small trickle of blood was running down the neck of the woman sitting on the car seat in front me with my survival bag tucked round her to keep her warm. I was sitting on the sill of the door holding her hand while we waited for an ambulance to arrive. The ambulance seemed to be taking a long time. more>
New Horizons
By Ya'Acov
I canít quite believe that itís already that time of year again when weíre preparing for the Summer Long Dance and then moving into our time out for the Summer. Itís all been a bit of a whirlwind as they say! I never would have guessed that Iíd be writing to you looking out on a whole different view. With one decision, our lives have changed and the effect is already much greater than I imagined it would be. more>
Chosen Surrender
By Susannah
Last summer, on holiday in the mountains of Portugal I received strong promptings that I needed a more profound relationship with land. That I needed to live on and have guardianship of land. Those of you who know me well will probably know that working on my Uncle and Auntís organic farm in Wales was a formative part of my childhood. It was my heaven and haven on earth. That was the meaning of ďlandĒ for me. Land, farm, hay, animals, the smell of hay and grass after the rain. more>
Dancing for Change
By Simric Yarrow
Dance is change. Dancing involves the whole body in movement. Free dance allows the body to move as it would like to, not as our head might tell it to Ė itís not a boot camp or a ballet class. Allowing the body to initiate the movement and the head to witness and be guided by that. Free dance is all about real freedom. Not just doing what the government and the priests tell you to do. more>
Song of the soul on Gipsy Bank and in Wolfscote caves
By Hannah Mackay
I attended the Phoenix Retreat in 2010. More recently I have found myself doing similar kinds of processing through poetry. This poem is part of a piece of soul retrieval, and is written in the voice of the lost soul fragment. Gipsy Bank and Wolfscote caves are in Dovedale, near where I was born. more>
The Challenge of Returning Home
by Chirstine Pechan
After Re-Creation I spent another night at Totnes and went together with a friend to a special Movement Medicine dance class in Dartington, where I also met some wonderful participants of Re-Creation, enjoying that the dance went on! more>
Dance of Life
By Gianni Demozzi

Love Stories from Dublin
By Love Stories from Dublin
Love stories, stories of love Loving movement, move in love, move into love Through the medicine of dancing, dreaming, daring Dare to dance, dare to dream more>
Indaba, My Children
By Richard Pantlin
In appreciation of dancing "Move!" with Suzannah in Johannesburg in April, I would like to offer this extract from what could be the Southern African Bible, the book "Indaba, my children" by Credo Mutwa. The book contains a marvellous creation story and many legends of the tribes of that part of the world: more>
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