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Issue: May 2013 Newsletter
My Feet on the Ground

By Roland
There always seems to be one day in Spring, in England, which stands out above all the others. A day when the sun illuminates a landscape of the green unfurling leaves, fresh blossom on the wild cherry trees and the shadows of small clouds slowly crossing the patchwork of fields and small woods like gently passing dreams.

And if it is like this today, I ask, what about tomorrow when the blossom is out more and the grass is even greener and the sun even brighter?  Then I remember that old Latin maxim ‘Carpe Diem’ – ‘seize the day’ for the next day may not be the same and the clouds may crowd in more and the wind may shake some of the blossom from the cherry trees.  Such days as these are to be savoured with all ones senses and remembered.  

Such a day I had last week.  I was walking with an old and very dear friend and we came across a short ridge walk on the Raddon Hills which are situated to the North of Dartmoor in a large stretch of splendid countryside of fields, small woods and valleys, isolated villages full of thatched cottages, all curiously untouched by tourism, very sparsely populated and called by the rather uninspiring mundane name of Mid Devon.  We walked one way along the ridge and then deciding that we liked it so much we walk back the other way.  We would even have walked back along it again if we had more time and weren’t several miles from where we had left the car.

As we walked we talked.  Or maybe I should say I talked and my friend encouraged me to talk.  First, I talked of the landscape we were in, pointing out the various river valleys – the Exe, the Creedy, the Yeo and the Shobrooke , and the various hill ranges we could see – Dartmoor, Exmoor, the Blackdowns, Woodbury Common and Haldon Hills . 

Then I went to tell him about how much I was looking forward to going to Scotland on the 14th May to go walking on my own for 5 days.  “Time for myself!”  I exclaimed.  

But as I said the words, I remembered that, in fact, the chief reason I was going to Scotland was to take part in a small family ceremony on the 21st of May to bury the ashes of one of my sisters, who died last November.   We are going to a site on a remote beach on the Island of Iona, where both the ashes of my father and one of the sons of my sister are already resting.  It was while I was pondering how I could, even momentarily, have forgotten this fact, that it occurred to me that the separation of myself and others, of self and community, of self and landscape, of self  and the universe need never be that great if our feet are firmly on the ground.  The walk in Scotland was to me my homage to my sister, Judy.

There was a time when I was regularly taking part in Susannah and Ya’Acov’s workshops that I got hold of the notion that the thing to do to be really impressive was to leap as far from the floor as possible.  I started perfecting a technique where I imagined I was hardly touching the ground at all but was travelling across the room in an ethereal fashion a bit like a half deflated helium balloon.  The fact that no-one seemed impressed or even commented on my elegance, spurred me on to attempt even greater separations from terra firma  until one day I went too high and on landing agonisingly tore a calf muscle.  The advice given that day by Susannah and Ya’Acov, that maybe I should try and develop a greater connection between my brain and my feet and my feet and the floor came as a revelation and since that moment has never left me whether in a workshop or on a Scottish Mountain.

The days before leaving have been very busy as I have tried to clear my desk so there is not too much left for Susanne and Ailsa to do who will be managing the office while I am gone. 

Every day in the office this week has brought new applications for the Initiation workshop scheduled for Sept 27 - October 6th. It’s wonderful to see the group forming for the embarkation of the transformative journey though the 9 life cycles. If you want one of the remaining places please email me at and I will send you an application form. If you are considering applying for the next Apprenticeship Programme due to start in September 2014 then this is the last opportunity for you to do this workshop which is an essential pre-requisite.

We also have a handful of places left on this year’s Summer Long Dance which will take place at the EarthSpirit Centre in Somerset 4th – 10th July.  Please contact me if you would like an application form.


17  Luzern, Switzerland  Ya'Acov  Move! Katriona +41 33 676 2708

17 - 19  Luzern, Switzerland  Ya'Acov  Tending the Circle Katriona +41 33 676 2708 Early booking discount date 15th April

24 - 26  Warsaw - Poland  Susannah Re-Connection Olga +48 509 774 884

28 - June 1st   Orval, Belgium  Ya'Acov  The Way of the Dancing Warrior – Mens’ Edition  Frank +31 71 8893253


7 - 9  London, UK  Ya'Acov Tending the Circle   Alex + 44 7868842219 -circle

7  Dublin, Ireland  Susannah Move! Kate + 353 83 370 3601

8 - 9  Dublin, Ireland  Susannah  Love Stories  Kate + 353 83 370 3601

11  Where you are!  Susannah & Ya'Acov Bringing the Dance back Home    Roland +44 1803  

Carpe Diem!


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