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Issue: May 2013 Newsletter
Why study Movement Medicine?

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By Jolanta Steciuk
Movement medicine means reaching beyond our current horizon. Inspired by the dance, I went to see the land of my ancestors. The village, the river, the bridge, I have heard about, but never saw.They are abroad now, due to the changes of Polish borders after WWII.

I had the idea to simply see the landscape. Than, my ambition grew up. It would be great to find something that belonged to my grand parents: a part of window frame, a piece of wood etc. Something that could be taken home and used to build a creative object of everyday life, a table for example! No, this was impossible. The house was burned out, as it was a case with so many houses in the area affected by war, ethnic cleansing and neighbors' hatred, as they refused to live together.

I had the instructions to find the place: it was close to the well, which survived.

- The house of my grandparents used to be here – I told people who live there now. And I pointed at their garden.

- We have recently found the bricks in the ground. – they said – We throw them away. They are nearby.  A young man went to collect them. He disappeared for ten minutes or so. 

Of course, wood could not survive the fire, but the bricks waited in the earth over half of the century. I packed two old bricks into my bag and took them home.

So, movement medicine means reaching beyond our current horizon. Once you start your journey, you will find something precious and unexpected. 


Jolanta Steciuk

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