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Issue: May 2013 Newsletter
Gratitude Medicine

By Susannah
Yesterday was a sweet day for me. I was in a café by the river, and someone stopped me who worked with me a long time ago. She said she wanted to say “thank you” for something very specific. She told me that when she had been on the ongoing group and we’d done the video feedback work, something had changed which had stayed with her ever since.

She said that through that work she’d been able to see herself, and her struggle to emerge ‘out from hiding’ with love, warmth and compassion. She said that since then she’d had a new “voice in her head” which confirmed to her how amazing she was. And is. Amen!

I know, and we know how we touch each other in life, and yet when it is acknowledged, especially out of the blue like that, it’s sweet, fortifying medicine. Thank you!

So I went about my day with even more gratitude to share. There’s so much to be grateful for right now in my and our lives. Spring is here and walking through the woods as the trees come into leaf is so, so beautiful. The other day, as I walked through them I felt such a celebration of the experience of getting older. The feeling of this body and being of consciousness, feeling, sensuality and intuitive, alive body heart and mind as one intelligence is growing wider and deeper, and getting more and more connected, both inner and outer. Walking through the greening forest, I felt myself as part of life’s intelligence, part of life’s celebration of incarnation, of the deep pleasure of being. And on top of that, Ya’Acov and I are in love, with each other, with our work, and with the house and land that (touch wood!) we are about to become stewards of. We love our current house. We always thought we would stay here for many decades, but something else has called us. So it’s with gratitude and so many beautiful memories that we prepare to say goodbye to this sanctuary at Dartington.

As well as all that, I want to celebrate the diversification of Movement Medicine as it flowers into so many forms and is reaching people and places in the hands of the apprentice MM Professionals and the growing circle of qualified MM Professsionals. I feel proud of the wonderful, joyous and deep work already being done by the first Apprentice group, being envisioned by the second (those of whom are going on to the training beginning  this December), and I feel the third Apprenticeship gathering on the horizon. Not so long now to the kick off for that so if you’re thinking about it, time to take action. You can still do the Journey of Empowerment next year as a prerequisite even though it will be still ongoing when the Apprenticeship begins in August.

We were in South Africa recently, working with people from many different backgrounds, dancing into a shared place of deep enquiry into our relationship with the earth and the future through the Movement Medicine Pachamama Symposium (the DVD of which is available from the shop: At the same time Ben Yeger was in Israel and Palestine offering a safe space for the catalytic work of meeting across that scorched divide. YEAH!

And, I’ve had some time to go on working on my new CD… and I’m so excited. Today I recorded with a kit drummer who is 15 and totally brilliant. So the Sun Song has a new rocking rhythm track. Folk Rock for a healed world… The album has a name “All the Earth is Sacred” and a look, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, the has lots of great music, some of which you can download. Enjoy!

And I highly recommend the nettles. This year, (here at least) they are so juicy and potent right now. If you can pick nettles from somewhere free from car fumes, dog pee and chemicals, I recommend that you get picking. It’s the best start to the day I know. Spring nettles (I pick with scissors and a bag - I don’t like getting stung!), wash well, put into a good blender with water, blend well, sieve through muslin or a tea towel. Drink the juice of the forest for the best ever spring tonic. Is good for practically everything. Or you can juice them. Or you can make soup. It’s all good. Once they start going to seed its too late. The yearly window of nettle medicine is now!

I’ll leave you with these words from Meggan Watterson:

“The funny part is that it’s all so simple. What we are meant to do is who we are. Our soul work is merely an extension of our own essence. It just takes such an effort for so many of us to get that naked. To simply let what we do be who we are…… We receive the most when we give the love we are here to share. Soul work is not something we have to go to and search for; it’s getting the sacred chance to reveal exactly who we are. Love”     From “Reveal” by Meggan Watterson, published by Hay House. 

I love these words. I could not describe more clearly how I feel about making the music I am making, or sharing Movement Medicine, or the purpose of the Apprenticeship. Thanks to our publisher, who knew I would love this book.

Love and happy nettling, boogying, singing, loving, living, and following the promptings of your own soul, and hope to share a webinar, a workshop, or even an apprenticeship with you soon. Anyway, it’s good to share being on the planet together at this challenging time of such opportunity,





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