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Issue: May 2013 Newsletter
Imagination will take you Everywhere

By Ya'Accov
Itís a beautiful warm spring day here in Devon as I write, for once, not on the train, but sitting at home. Iíve just finished teaching this yearís Re-Creation workshop at the Rill Centre in Devon. This is the workshop in which I teach the S.E.E.R Process (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval). I love the simplicity and the effectiveness of this tool.

It’s taken a while to evolve into its current form and it came out of my own recapitulation process that I did with Victor Sanchez many years ago. The basic premise of this ancient shamanic practice is that our past is a storehouse of prime life energy that we can make available to us in the present.

How do we do this? Well, we need a little imagination and creativity, a good dose of courage and, we need to bring all the resources of the Dancing Warrior and the Wise Elder, and all that we have learned in our lives so far, back with us as we step into the past. We do this as dancers in order to give expression to that which needs expression. This creates the space inside us to be able to call back the life energy that has been locked up in that event. Intention is powerful. And the intention to heal and recover what we have lost is even stronger when we know why we want to do this. What do you want this energy for? How might it help your life now? For the people who came up with the recapitulation process that I learned, having more energy available in the present was the only way they saw to achieve their goals. What their goals were is less important to me than the acknowledgement that a powerful motivation is needed in order to do this work. My own motivation was to reach beyond my own lack of ability to bring out what I felt so deeply inside me. I had dreams but they seemed so far away that most of the time, I felt they were not worth my attention. And I felt a deep-seated frustration that the power needed to bring my dreams to earth was just going to elude me. I preferred to resort to fantasies in which some rich benefactor would notice my shamanic brilliance and pay for me to become the one I am. Needless to say, they didn’t show up and at a certain moment, I got that it was down to me to make a choice. I either would go on living a half-life, safe in my fantasies. Or, I’d just take responsibility for what really mattered to me and get down to work.

As I was teaching this past week, it struck me how brave you guys are to dare to dance, to dare to dream. So much of what we do in our workshops flies in the face of mainstream story of the industrialised world. We are supposed to just keep going and going on a treadmill that doesn’t lead anywhere very interesting in the hope that getting a few material goodies on the way will satisfy us. We are supposed to keep on lusting after more things and not be concerned about any deeper meaning. The more distracted we are from any real sense of who we are, the better. The enormous amount of despair and depression and disorders of all kinds in relationship to the body, heart and mind is overwhelming. And those with a strong imagination are told to stop day dreaming or even dreaming at all. And yet, there is something so strong in the human spirit that will not be defeated. There is something so courageous that will not lie down and I see this courage week in and week out, in you, the people who have decided to give life a go in this particular way. The people who have decided that it’s worth being a fool and dancing, even if you think you can’t (and I certainly remember how that feels!). When I come into a room to dance in a workshop, I see the fear, the resistance, the ‘what the hell am I doing here?’ faces.  And I see people who feel pulled by the call of some silent voice, some wild and furious desire to actually be who you are and to give what you’ve got. I see people of so many different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. I see you reaching for something more and refusing to remain disempowered by a story that makes you into nothing more than consumers. I want to honour each and every one of you for refusing to believe that you are not worthy, that you do not have the power to change your life and to bring your dreams to earth. I want to honour you for the courage it takes to get into the room and work to awaken the intelligence of life and creation that lives the body and beats in your chest. On Saturday night in our ritual dance, as my eagle feather danced its dance and a brave circle of people dared to embody their imagination, I felt like singing their praises to you. And so here I am doing that. I have reached a place in my own life where I have gone so far beyond what I ever felt was possible. I am in new territory and so are we all. What I am learning through this practice is getting stronger and stronger for me. I have recovered the courage to go beyond the known and I see that reflected in you, the dancers I meet in Berlin, in Cape Town or on the Garden Route in South Africa, and wherever I go, it is the same. Yes, we are shy. Yes, maybe we feel foolish when we step into new territory and have to embrace our incompetence and the unknown. And yet we do, again and again because the song of the human soul and the power of our compassionate presence is part of this life. And so we dance and we dance and we dance. And we sing and we sing and we sing. And we create and we re-create. And we learn that as Lynn Twist says: “Together we are a genius.” And I might add that together, we are supported to be the ones we are and to work though our creativity and imaginations to find solutions to the challenges we face.

I want to share a few more words about the way we work with the past in Movement Medicine. There are many situations that we encounter throughout our lives where we did not have the resources or the level of safety needed in order to be able to stop ourselves from losing life energy. This may have been because we were too young or it may also be because it would have been inappropriate or even dangerous to give voice to our true responses. Humans have a remarkable capacity to survive. We are shape-shifters and often in life, we have to take on a shape or a way of being in order to survive. It is these situations that the ancients saw as this storehouse of vital life energy and they found their way to access it in order to make it available in the present. The S.E.E.R Process is a contemporary and super-effective shamanic tool for doing the same thing. And the dance helps us to re-find our true shape, and in the process, to release what no longer serves us. Through finding new and more up to date stories and continuing to let them evolve through our dreaming, our practice, our being and our actions, what once appeared to us as obstacles now appear only as invitations to dance. The deepest intention of the SEER Process work and of Movement Medicine in general is to remind us how to dance with what the Great Choreographer brings us and to continue to create with the material that life offers to us. The work teaches us to actively dream with and to consciously surrender to the dance of life.

If you want to know more of what this all means in practice, then please receive this as your personal invitation to join us on the good ship Initiation 2013 which will set sail on September 27th. Initiation is the adventure that is more of an odyssey than a workshop. In 10 days, we live through the whole of our lives and have a chance to see what was, and to see what may be when we let our life’s experience become the teaching it is.

So, here in the Northern hemisphere, as the spring does its remarkable dance again, I want to give thanks to you one and all for giving the dancer in you a chance to show you their perspective on life. I bow to everyone and to all practices and ways that give us the chance to reframe the past, to learn from it so that it can be transformed. I bow to all who have learned that the past is not a weight to carry round or an excuse not to live the dreams that whisper to us when we dare to listen. And I bow to whatever it is that brought this body of work to life. I bow to all our teachers who believed in us so deeply that we started to dream again of what could be. These gifts we hold respectfully from the many places we received them. I bow to Gabrielle Roth for giving us the gift of remembering that dance is a healing force to be reckoned with. I bow to Bikko Matthe Pentha for showing me that the mystery knows what it’s doing. I bow to Helen Poynor for helping me to arrive and then keep on keeping on being here. And I bow to the Amazon and Don Rafael and Don Alberto and Chimpeekit for reconnecting us to the healing power of nature and its vast wisdom.

Today is a day for thank you’s. And so here’s one more for Roland who has stood alongside Susannah and myself for so many years and believed in the possibility of creating the kind of community that is beginning to find its shape. Thank you. One step at a time, we dance on. As Albert Einstein said: “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”


Ya’Acov. May 2013

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