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My Feet on the Ground
By Roland
There always seems to be one day in Spring, in England, which stands out above all the others. A day when the sun illuminates a landscape of the green unfurling leaves, fresh blossom on the wild cherry trees and the shadows of small clouds slowly crossing the patchwork of fields and small woods like gently passing dreams. more>
Imagination will take you Everywhere
By Ya'Accov
It’s a beautiful warm spring day here in Devon as I write, for once, not on the train, but sitting at home. I’ve just finished teaching this year’s Re-Creation workshop at the Rill Centre in Devon. This is the workshop in which I teach the S.E.E.R Process (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval). I love the simplicity and the effectiveness of this tool. more>
Gratitude Medicine
By Susannah
Yesterday was a sweet day for me. I was in a café by the river, and someone stopped me who worked with me a long time ago. She said she wanted to say “thank you” for something very specific. She told me that when she had been on the ongoing group and we’d done the video feedback work, something had changed which had stayed with her ever since. more>
Why study Movement Medicine?
We offered a free workshop for the best article with this title. Here is our winning choice.
By Jolanta Steciuk
Movement medicine means reaching beyond our current horizon. Inspired by the dance, I went to see the land of my ancestors. The village, the river, the bridge, I have heard about, but never saw.They are abroad now, due to the changes of Polish borders after WWII. more>
Discovering and celebrating my relation with the Divine Feminine.
By Sari Veugelers
As we moved from the year 2012 into the year 2013 I experienced how true it felt for me that we are moving from an era in which the masculine has been leading into an era in which the feminine is leading the way. more>
By Benedict Goldsmith
I am a planet unknown and known. Ocean-wrapped, star-loved, sky-held

Moving in my rhythms of ocean-cradling, and in the dance whose song is heard as silence. more>
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