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Issue: April 2013 Newsletter

Paying for a Life Lesson
By Roland
Susannah and Ya’Acov normally do their writing on the train. My own methods are slightly different. I usually go for a long walk and trust that the meditative process will give me my story for the newsletter. It was with this intent in mind that, on a recent Sunday, I drove to Tiverton to explore its nearby hills.

Several hours later, after a brisk, cold, but pleasant walk, I returned to Tiverton and was somewhat disconcerted to find that the area, where I believe that I had left my car, looked completed different from when I left.  As I wandered around for half an hour looking for some kind of familiar landmark, I realised that not only had I lost my car but that I had also completely forgotten to focus on my newsletter story. 

It was now getting late and I was cold and hungry and my thoughts were concentrated on my desire to return home and have a hot bath and eat some hot food. So I hit upon a plan.  I would walk to town centre, which I had walked through earlier in the day, and then I would either try and find the route I had taken and retrace my steps or if I saw a taxi I would describe to the driver where I had parked my car and ask him to take me there.  

As I walked, I decided that this second option seemed decidedly more attractive than the first.  There are times, I reasoned, when buying a solution to a problem was by far the most sensible option.  I even started to praise myself for coming up with this idea and reasoned that it was an excellent example of ‘looking after myself because I am worth it!’  

It was therefore no surprise to me that the first thing I should see when I entered the centre of town was two taxis parked next to each other.  Clearly that this was meant to be and an example of my powers of manifestation!  One of the drivers was changing one of his tyres and the other was leaning nonchalantly against his cab and looking on and giving encouraging remarks. 

I told the young nonchalant driver about my lost car problem and gave the information that I had parked in a small ‘free’ car park very close to a roundabout and definitely to east side of the river. “No problem!” he replied “we’ll soon find your car!”  We drove off and went on a circuit around the streets which I had just walked and then he drove into various car-parks all of which I knew were not the right one. Bizarre thoughts, such as that I might have actually parked in another town or somehow drifted into a parallel universe similar to this town but subtly different and not containing my car, entered my head and then were firmly dismissed. 

Twenty minutes later we drove back down the road where we had started, past the other taxi driver who now had finished changing his front tyre and started on one of the rear ones.  We all waved at each other and we then sped off again for another tour of the very familiar roads of Tiverton and quite a few of which were definitely on the west and not the east side of the river.  I glanced down at the taxi meter and started to get a little anxious.  Had my young friend found a good way to earn a tidy living on an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon?  My doubts about his standing as an upright citizen received a further blow when he came up with the proposal that I report my car as stolen to the police and let them solve the problem. 

A few minutes later he brought the taxi to a halt in a supermarket car-park.  “I’m running out of options,” he declared.  I wondered whether this might be the result of him calculating whether the sum showing on the meter might be greater than the amount of money in my wallet.  To be honest I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had as the same question had occurred to me and I hadn’t dared to check.

I now realised that my attractive plan of buying a solution to my problem wasn’t working and that I needed to take more responsibility for sorting things out myself.  I was holding in my hand a map-holder containing the Ordinance Survey 1:25,000 map of the area.   In order to fit the map into the holder I had folded it and only half of the town was visible to me.  Rather slowly, I did what I should have done when I first realised I had a problem, and extracted the map from the holder and spread it out on my lap.  I was surprised to see that Tiverton was in fact larger than I had imagined and that there were in fact several roads with roundabouts on them which were on the ‘hidden’ part of the map.  “Have we been over here?” I gestured.  The young taxi driver looked down and the map and then took it from me and examined it with some suspicion.  “Oh over there!  You would like to go there would you?  I suppose we could try that.”

Within a few minutes the roads look familiar as the one as the ones I had driven on when arriving in town and soon the roundabout with the small car-park came into view.  We stopped by my car.  As I handed over an impressive wad of notes to the driver, I made a resolution that I would not in future abdicate responsibility for my own life so lightly.  In fact, I thought as I drove away from Tiverton, the few pounds that I had paid were surely worth the lesson that I had learned.

I can’t help noticing that Ya’Acov in his article in this newsletter seems to be far more fortunate in his choice of taxi-drivers than I am and I am quite certain that this is because he and Susannah are somewhat more adept at dancing at the centre of their own circle and have much better skills of manifestation than I have!  In order to acquire some of those skills the following workshops are a good place to start:

Re-Creation.  This is a residential workshop at Rill led by Ya’Acov and will run from 1st – 5th of May.  We still have some places left.  This workshop is designed to teach you how to take the circumstances of your life and to recreate your relationship with them.  From being the victim of life’s events, you learn to dance with them.  For an application form please contact Roland at 0044 (0) 1803 762255.

We are also taking bookings for the Initiation workshop which will take place from 27th September to October 6th at Rill. This 10 day intensive workshop is a journey through the life cycles.  People leave this workshop with a sense of forgiveness about the past, acceptance of the present and an inspiration and a sense of direction for what they must do to manifest their dreams and offer the gifts they have.  For an application form please contact Roland at 0044 (0) 1803 762255.

The programme of weekend events is as follows:


18 - 21 Cape Town, SA Susannah & Ya'Acov  Dancing with the Heart of the World Jayne + 27 737487743


7  Where you are!  Susannah & Ya'Acov Bringing the Dance back Home    Roland +44 1803 762255

17  Luzern, Switzerland  Ya'Acov  Move! Katriona +41 33 676 2708

17 - 19  Luzern, Switzerland  Ya'Acov  Tending the Circle Katriona +41 33 676 2708 Early booking discount date 15th April

24 - 26  Warsaw - Poland  Susannah Re-Connection Olga +48 509 774 884

28 - June 1st   Orval, Belgium  Ya'Acov  The Way of the Dancing Warrior – Mens’ Edition  Frank +31 71 8893253


7 - 9  London, UK  Ya'Acov Tending the Circle   Alex + 44 7868842219 -circle

7  Dublin, Ireland  Susannah Move! Kate + 353 83 370 3601

8 - 9  Dublin, Ireland  Susannah  Love Stories  Kate + 353 83 370 3601

Why study Movement Medicine? There is still time if you want to enter your article. Remember there is a free weekend workshop for the best article.

Wishing you a splendid Spring!


The Power of "Yes!"
By Susannah
I’m on the train (of course- where else do we write these missives?) listening to some beautiful music. After a hectic morning rushing around on the edge of over the edge adrenalised getting ready, the music is bringing me back “in”, into my heart and body and breath. What is amazing (and still is!) to me is that it’s my own music.

It’s the album of my songs (and a couple of `Ya’Acov’s gems) which I’ve been working on in our little shed studio for several months. And I’m really wowed by it… I love what is being created. This music stirs me. It’s quite something to feel what I am feeling as I listen to it. I’m touched, amazed and so grateful.

Some years ago, we had guitar lessons from Phil Berthoud, and I thought then, “If I ever record an album with guitar I want Phil to be the guitarist”. So when the idea for this album was born, the first thing I did was call Phil. And he said ‘Yes!”. Turns out he is a multi-instrumentalist and the sweetest hearted guy. And I’m having such fun asking different friends to come in and play, so this album is really  an offering from me, Ya’Acov and our friends. I’m engineering it myself (with teaching every now and again when I need it) which is a massive step for me. I’ve been such a technophobe and was really scared of Logic (the recording and mixing programme)- but it’s actually not difficult. I never thought I’d hear myself say that!

Anyway, I’m beavering away in the studio every available minute, so I’m being more reclusive than normal and as you may have noticed, not being so communicative on our Movement Medicine facebook page. The album will be called “All the Earth is Sacred”. Thanks to all of you who have sung these songs with such heart over the last years, and thereby encouraged me to bring them out into the world in another way. I am telling you this both to celebrate and because I am so aware that this creation is a result of saying “yes!” to the impulse inside. With lots and lots of support, from Ya’Acov, from dear friends, and from many of you. Even so, it so easily could have remained an unsung potential. “Yes” is simple to say. And each step along the way of “yes” is simple. But I know it’s not necessarily easy. It takes courage, a willingness to be or feel foolish and incompetent as we learn new skills. It takes patience, dedication and passion. And it’s a vulnerable as well as a powerful place to bring what we really care about out into the open as an offering. I love seeing the field of Movement Medicine grow as so many people are doing their own version of this, including the new generation of MM teachers and facilitators.

I take my hat off to us all, and the courage to dare to trust that there is something inside that is of value and can bring joy, healing and beauty to the world in so many ways when we dare to inhabit ourselves and stand by ourselves, each other, and life.

My songs have come into being in community. In the light of your enjoyment of them I have grown, they have grown. Thank you! Thank you!

And thanks for all the lovely messages I’ve had about my Mum. She’s continuing to feel good, and is very moved that her image of the rainbow hammock has resonated with so many people. In a few weeks, my Dad will be 80 and I’m so happy that all being well, we will be able to celebrate his sparkling health and vigour all together as a family.

Love to all of us and the wonderful, beautiful and demanding task of being and becoming human,


By Ya'Acov
I woke up early this morning, travelling on the overnight train from Berlin to Paris. I’m en route to South Arica and my dreams, not surprisingly, were all travelling dreams. When I woke, the smell of the land around Knysna, where I will teach next weekend, was fresh in my nostrils. For a moment, I wasn’t sure where I was. I could feel the motion of the train, and the fleeting images of my dreams were still in front of my eyes.

That in-between place, between one city and another, between waking and sleeping, between cityscape and the open landscape of the countryside, and between movement and stillness, has always held a fascination for me. I like that feeling of not knowing where I am. Am I dreaming or am I awake? Am I at home or somewhere else? Saturday night in Berlin. Sunday night on the train. Monday night in the air over Africa and Tuesday night in Johannesburg; well, that’s what comes of teaching movement for nearly 25 years!

We’re in the process of moving from the house we’ve lived in for the past 12 years. It’s been a beautiful home for us. When we first arrived, on September 1st 2000, we had just come back to Devon from assisting on a six-week summer intensive with Gabrielle in California. We were totally engaged with our 5Rhythms work and our work as one of the two Moving Centre Schools in existence at that time. I remember doing a burial ceremony in the garden soon after moving in (and having to explain to the neighbours why I was digging a grave in the garden!). During the ceremony, I felt such a strong connection with the land. For the first time, I felt truly at home. I was in touch with the deer that roam in the forest next to our house. I felt deeply welcomed. I had the distinct feeling that I could do this ceremony every couple of years until I died. It would save anyone else the trouble of digging my grave too and I would have died as I lived – in ceremony! I had felt that same feeling of homecoming when I first met the 5Rhythms and Gabrielle in 1988; finally, a sense of belonging, of rightness, of welcome. And so I committed myself totally to that practice and I learned so much from it. Alongside my other shamanic studies, I was finding my way into the core of the one I am and looking for the form of my offering. It was tough going at times.

The realisation that shamanism was the language that made sense of my experience was fraught with challenges. I had to straighten out my ideas of what shamanism was and find out just exactly what that shamanic spirit inside me needed. Growing up in our industrialised story of separation from body, land and our own ground presents a certain kind of challenge. The battle between the rational and the poetic, the freedom and creativity of the spirit and the realities of trying to survive in this world, raged on in me. I was looking for a contemporary shamanism inside a culture that had virtually destroyed its own shamanic roots. And in order to do that, I had to learn from shamanic traditions from other cultures. For years, I held a Native American pipe that was given to me (by my therapist!). I always felt as if it was on loan and once I felt I had remembered how to pray, I gave it back to a Native American Medicine Woman who I believe still holds it.

I remember when Suprapto Suryadarmo invited me as a guest to one of his groups and introduced me as a ‘Jewish shaman’ how I felt such a conflict of responses. Part of me felt proud to be finally recognised. But much stronger was the feeling of being exposed, branded and even shamed. I talked to Gabrielle about it and she delivered one of her hammer blow responses that would crush an old story to powder and simultaneously open a new door. ‘Stop thinking that being a shaman is special. It’s just a job like any other.’  Aha! And there I was, on a new road.

When I was young, I loved to be outside. I loved my little special place in the garden under a small tree where my imagination was wild and free and I talked endlessly with the spirit beings that were my friends. I loved the open space by the sea and the magic of the sand hills. I loved nature without realising it. It was shamanism that brought me back to that love and sense of the aliveness of the land. The land, just like the body, is alive with story.

So there I was, in a new millennium, at home in our garden, and at home in my practice, my community and my teaching. And it was at that new peak of contentment that things began to change. Isn’t it one of the Creators little cosmic jokes that just when we feel we’ve arrived somewhere, we see that the perfection of that moment has passed and the picture is already changing. Hold on as we might, the cracks have appeared and the skin is feeling too tight and some new dream is arising from deep in the heart of the soul and even though we may resist, we already know that we must follow. And isn’t this nature’s way too? At the height of Winter, the promise of spring can already be seen. And just when the sun reaches its peak of strength, death is already present pulling us towards the end of one thing and the birth of another. This story is so present in the Celtic wheel of the year but even more potently, it is present wherever nature is.

And that’s how it was for me. No sooner had I arrived home in my practice, than life was already pointing out the inescapability of change. I had recently met up with a long time dream teacher of mine for the first time in the flesh and that meeting had truly blown my mind. My dreamscapes were changing radically and the Amazon had already reached out its gnarly, primal fingers towards me and called me to another sense of home. And my relationship to my beloved teaching practice and love of the 5Rhythms had also reached a deep sense of limitation inside me. I was no longer content, satisfied or held. On the contrary, I began meeting people from all directions who challenged the stories that had imperceptibly become my beliefs. Why only 5 Rhythms? Why does energy only move in that pattern? My meetings in dreams and on my journeys and with shamans from different cultures had already shifted me out of my comfort zone and a new round of growing pains had begun.

Around that time, what is now the Movement Medicine mandala arrived in my dreams like a bolt of lightening. I didn’t get it. I thought it was a logo for the next stage in a long-term project that I have only recently realised is the very long-term creative project called life! It’s taken more than 10 years for our understanding of what it contains to reach its current state. I think that the most important thing we’ve realised so far is that, just like any other practice, it really is a story. And like any good story, it is alive with possibility and in order to stay alive, it must evolve. And the more people that are working with it, the more of an inevitability that evolution is. Your view is different than mine and any good relationship has to make space not just to tolerate difference, but also to positively celebrate it. It’s the magnificence of diversity that is the juice of community, whether that be a human community or the much wider community of life. Sometimes, we fall into the pallid and toxic zone of silencing ourselves in order to fit in or hold on. But if we are continually saying to life ‘I want to be the one I am. I want to keep on evolving towards a deeper sense of self-knowledge and knowledge of life, in matter and spirit, and give everything I’ve got’ then life will respond. Life is the dance between fluidity and structure and we are only heading for trouble if we ignore one or the other.

To be clear, it’s not that I decided that the 5Rhythms were no longer valid, not at all. Even when we were leaving, it was clear that they and our years of practice with them would always remain a part of our foundation. It was simply that they were no longer my practice and when I was able to look a little more clearly, I could see that they hadn’t been for some time. It was like a snake shedding its skin. Underneath, there was already a fully formed new skin and the process of evolution, though painful on the human level, could not have been more natural. So it is with the dance of Re-Creation. And it serves us well to follow the changing seasons and keep up-to-date with the story we are telling. It serves us to both relax in what is known to us and to continue to dance deeper into our relationship with the unknown. And it is this dance that is the focus of the residential workshop called Re-Creation. Please consider this your personal invitation to join us in Devon at the beginning of May. We have a strong circle already preparing. Re-Creation is an important part of life. Giving time and space to it insures that we don’t go stale. If you’d like to take some time to check in and see if the story you are telling through your being, actions and choices is up to date, this may be a good place for you. We will also work with the Movement Medicine S.E.E.R (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval) Process which is a fantastic tool for extracting maximum juice and learning from our past experiences, and making it available as pure energy in the present.  As always, please contact Roland if you want more details. (

For us, a new land is calling, only 15 minutes away from where we live now, but a quantum shift in terms of what it is. Even though the deal for our new home is not yet 100% finalised, I have already felt deeply nourished and supported by the land we will be living on. Old trees and ancient stones and a little brook that runs through it, powering a hydro-electric plant that provides way more electricity than we will use, have already become the new ground I am standing on. It’s astonishing to me that this is so but these past two weekends of teaching in Berlin and Paris have been deeply supported by this new connection. And this, like everything else, like always, is only just beginning. Beginning again. Re-Creation is just what it says it is, on an on and on.

Wishing you all the ongoing strength of connection, re-creation and the support to go on being the one you are and giving the gifts you bring. Susannah’s train is about to arrive at Paddington and we’re off to Mama Africa. 

Ya’Acov. April 2013.

Magic of Mandorla
By Caroline
Working with Movement Medicine has undoubtedly taken me on deeper and deeper journey into myself and into the work that I would be offering into the world, a continuing journey of micro medio and macro for sure. From 5 Rhythms teacher to shamanic guide and onto the Movement Medicine apprenticeship and teacher training where I worked as a pathfinder helping Susannah and Ya’Acov with some of the practicalities of sharing MM.

I’ve been studying these process’s now for 18 years and as time flows on have stepped more and more fully into my own work. That of course is the nature of becoming a teacher, we all have our own unique gifts to offer, as well as being connected to the larger community, like the School of MM.

Some say once trained  ‘its time to go it alone’ well in some ways it is. But for some its really good to sit in what I would call the ‘Mandorla’ of possibilities. Staying connected and allowing the work to flow between what is unique to myself and what is part of the collective is how I have chosen to be.

Standing in the center of something that at times felt like conflict became a regular practice for me.

Then within the structure of Movement Medicine a little seed of my own work began to blossom, the very thing that I struggled with in becoming a teacher/guide, became the medicine I would offer with-in intensive group work. This particular piece I call ‘The Magic of Mandorla’

Amsterdam has just experienced the first ‘Magic Of Mandorla’ workshop to leave its birthing place first started in our Garden Yurt in Seaford East Sussex, where I held small workshops developing the Mandorla process. For the first time in February supported and organized by the lovely Annemeike Van Ballen, we took it into the world and wow, what an effect it had! I feel profoundly blessed to be able to witness this work as it spreads its wings into communities.

After much studying and exploring from the depths of my heart and soul, combining the work of Movement Medicine, I can now see how this work has taken form, not to be taken lightly, it certainly does have a transforming ability, but with the the most joyful and heart awakening experience to follow.

It is known as the most powerful of religious experiences we can have in life. Mandorla is the place of poetry “where the fire and the rose are one!” (four quartets; T.S Eliot)

Both workshops on offer in Amsterdam have filled up instantly and so I plan to do more. There is so much conflict in our world, I know this is hugely necessary work to follow.

I wrote about my first experience of Mandorla realization in my second book ‘Reclaimed Innocence’ published in December 2012. My discovery came about by my own conflict between motherhood and my own studies of the wild and creative human. I’m sure there are many of us out there who are torn between parenthood and doing things for themselves....well this was one of my Mandorla process’s....

At a time when our differences, our needs and desires, gender, culture, politics, faith traditions etc threaten to divide us, the Mandorla provides a bridge that can deepen this experience with relationships and empower the right action. There is no way to depict the Mandorla’s brightness, except by darkness. If we stand in the place of the Mandorla, that meeting place of two opposites, then we can use the energy of that particular conflict to provide a vital spark which can lead again to a deeper understanding of what is occurring and to enable us to make clear decisions and feel into the power this gives us. In my own case my mothering and my ever-emerging soulcraft conflicted with each other. I became more aware of these two opposites as I explored them. I held two very strong levels of soul work. One was the rearing of six children; the other was my work in the world. They were both equally as important to me. I was stretched unbelievably between the two. For years I experienced deep anguish and pain as I juggled these roles and found ways to combine both of them in my life.

I felt that tension growing in me, the tearing apart of what I needed to do, pulled in all directions. I spent a long time on the phone checking in with my girl, seeking help from others and talking to her in ways that I felt would help. My own tension was growing inside me, a creature going crazy feeling the madness of it all. My own heat rising in my belly, the curse of the mountain lion, the puma, sharpening her claws, what was going on inside me, what was happening to the child I wanted to protect from wounding. I raged with agony to be in both places. One voice saying ‘go home to your daughter, be a ‘good’ mother.’ Another voice saying ‘let her be, this is her journey she needs to experience this’ Another voice recognising the importance of the work I was undertaking and how it may affect hundreds of other beings in years to come, as well as helping me very deeply to connect with my own strongly emerging mytho-poetic identity. The Mandorla work was exploring me, just as I was exploring it. Now I had a ‘name’ for what I had experienced so much in my adult life.

I was romancing the world and yet staying in touch with my daughter as best as possible. Being with the river and my singing voice that kept emerging and singing its songs. I allowed my Mandorla tension to rise, to feel right into it, to be with it in ways I had not felt before, or even allowed myself to ever feel. The tension grew and the lioness roared deeply within. Pacing amidst the undergrowth, sharpening her claws on rocks, dancing her way into being. Then the dance began. A deep trance dance that was held beautifully by drummers and compassionate witnesses, by circles of men and circles of women. The beast was set free, she tossed and tumbled into the pain of her own soul, making love to the earth, being with the soil, the mud clinging to her body, the beat of her heart rocking to the rhythm of the world. She felt for a moment the trapping of a wild beast trapped in the confines of this human world, looking into fear filled faces, snarling as she broke free into her wild dance, she would not be held or caged, she would dance as wildly as her own body would allow. Hair flailing, arms and fingers exploring the dewy sensuality of mud and saliva, toes clawing at the edges of the circle finding a way to free themselves into the expansion of what was outside this cage, knowing that to be whole she needed to dance everything that was inside it. I had to leave myself behind for a while, to see what would emerge, to let go of countless skins, to shed the old and step into the new. I could not be in control of this; ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ was needed its own journey for a while and I simply needed to step out of its way. For me to really find my own soul, my own unique place in the world the ‘I’ needed to pull away, to allow the love relationship to unfold, to feel the caresses of the earth, to surrender to the torrents of passion we were creating together, I in my dance and the earth meeting me in all my wildness. We became one.

Then I knew what I had to do.

I journeyed out yet again to the little broken-down house out in the forest, where no human lived, where nature had taken over and lived amongst its stone, within its damp walls open to the sky above. Its two fireplaces were still cold and unlit. I knew my ritual now

and stepped a little fearfully into the darkened space. Sitting on the ground I took my drum in my hands and played a gentle beat. I called to my guardians, my angel being, my allies and friends to be with me. I called to the spirit and the creatures of the land here to support

me. The nature spirits and the sounds of the river and her ancestors, all of my ancestors, this was their work as well as my own. In my drum bag were two candles left from a previous time in a ritual. Here they had remained. I took them out and placed one in each of the empty fire places. Sharing a few words about the two areas of tension in my life that I was bringing soulfully together, I lit each candle with a blessing. Sitting back against the wall behind me I drummed with my eyes centred on the wall in between the two

fires. I could see each little flame from the corners of my eye. I was afraid that one may blow out, but they both stayed alight and burned brightly. As I drummed a song began to bring itself out from my heart.

I am of a mother tribe

I am of a mother tribe

Its heart and its wisdom alive in me

I am of a mother tribe

I am of a dancing tribe

I am of a dancing tribe

Its heart and its wisdom alive in me

I am of a dancing tribe


I am of a sacred tribe

I am of a sacred tribe

Its heart and its wisdom alive in me

I am of a sacred tribe


Stepping up and standing against the wall between the fires I became the ‘almond’ of the Mandorla in the centre. Singing my song, tears rolling down my cheeks, playing my drum I felt the weight of that tension lifting from my shoulders into the universal energy of

love that was above me, held and supported by the ground, the earth beneath my feet, the deep love of the mother. I was all of this and more, I was awake and aware of what moved

inside me and around me. Fascination for the path I had chosen, no matter how challenging or how cursed I felt at times.

(An exert from Reclaimed Innocence MyVoice Publishing Caroline Carey)

There is a tension that is created at an evolutionary level. The Mandorla is the almond shape where two circles partly overlap, it is the Italian word for almond, the circles merging place signifies the sacred place in which balance and reconciliation are birthed. There is a generative power available within the tension of opposites as in heaven and earth, light and dark, masculine and feminine, loyalty and betrayal, to name but a few. Mandorla is the sacred space of our soul work; it is where beauty and terror exist together. There has been a split and these two circles become united together. The curse is the pain it can inflict but with the greatest potential to heal.

The gatherings/workshops I offer include creativity, movement meditations & constellation work. The focus is on the opposites or conflicts in our lives and as we begin to realize how these affect us, we can begin to find their dance. With the support of the group and a constellation process which is held and guided by myself and the drum beat, we begin to allow the Magic of  Mandorla birth the richness of wisdom and new insights.

My intention is to offer this work, combined with Movement Medicine, (it works very well with the mesa practice) within workshops but also to business’s, colleges, and organizations. It is available to you, what ever your experience, for those wishing to work with deep rooted issues or to simply become awakened to new insights. For those training in therapeutic studies or the student to life’s experiences. Men and women, any age or ability.

One participant wrote..

Magic of Mandorla, amazing and deep work with Caroline Carey. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to anyone who is studying to become a therapist or is one already but seeking the thread of connection in continuing your own development and work with your own process (which we so need when we work with others – right?). If you feel called to this work, then follow your intuition and go for it! I think it’s excellent quality. Suzan Lemont

A short youtube film on Magic Of Mandorla can be seen here...

You can read more about it on the website and please feel free to contact if you would like more info and possibilities of working with the process….


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