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Issue: April 2013 Newsletter
Paying for a Life Lesson

By Roland
Susannah and Ya’Acov normally do their writing on the train. My own methods are slightly different. I usually go for a long walk and trust that the meditative process will give me my story for the newsletter. It was with this intent in mind that, on a recent Sunday, I drove to Tiverton to explore its nearby hills.

Several hours later, after a brisk, cold, but pleasant walk, I returned to Tiverton and was somewhat disconcerted to find that the area, where I believe that I had left my car, looked completed different from when I left.  As I wandered around for half an hour looking for some kind of familiar landmark, I realised that not only had I lost my car but that I had also completely forgotten to focus on my newsletter story. 

It was now getting late and I was cold and hungry and my thoughts were concentrated on my desire to return home and have a hot bath and eat some hot food. So I hit upon a plan.  I would walk to town centre, which I had walked through earlier in the day, and then I would either try and find the route I had taken and retrace my steps or if I saw a taxi I would describe to the driver where I had parked my car and ask him to take me there.  

As I walked, I decided that this second option seemed decidedly more attractive than the first.  There are times, I reasoned, when buying a solution to a problem was by far the most sensible option.  I even started to praise myself for coming up with this idea and reasoned that it was an excellent example of ‘looking after myself because I am worth it!’  

It was therefore no surprise to me that the first thing I should see when I entered the centre of town was two taxis parked next to each other.  Clearly that this was meant to be and an example of my powers of manifestation!  One of the drivers was changing one of his tyres and the other was leaning nonchalantly against his cab and looking on and giving encouraging remarks. 

I told the young nonchalant driver about my lost car problem and gave the information that I had parked in a small ‘free’ car park very close to a roundabout and definitely to east side of the river. “No problem!” he replied “we’ll soon find your car!”  We drove off and went on a circuit around the streets which I had just walked and then he drove into various car-parks all of which I knew were not the right one. Bizarre thoughts, such as that I might have actually parked in another town or somehow drifted into a parallel universe similar to this town but subtly different and not containing my car, entered my head and then were firmly dismissed. 

Twenty minutes later we drove back down the road where we had started, past the other taxi driver who now had finished changing his front tyre and started on one of the rear ones.  We all waved at each other and we then sped off again for another tour of the very familiar roads of Tiverton and quite a few of which were definitely on the west and not the east side of the river.  I glanced down at the taxi meter and started to get a little anxious.  Had my young friend found a good way to earn a tidy living on an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon?  My doubts about his standing as an upright citizen received a further blow when he came up with the proposal that I report my car as stolen to the police and let them solve the problem. 

A few minutes later he brought the taxi to a halt in a supermarket car-park.  “I’m running out of options,” he declared.  I wondered whether this might be the result of him calculating whether the sum showing on the meter might be greater than the amount of money in my wallet.  To be honest I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had as the same question had occurred to me and I hadn’t dared to check.

I now realised that my attractive plan of buying a solution to my problem wasn’t working and that I needed to take more responsibility for sorting things out myself.  I was holding in my hand a map-holder containing the Ordinance Survey 1:25,000 map of the area.   In order to fit the map into the holder I had folded it and only half of the town was visible to me.  Rather slowly, I did what I should have done when I first realised I had a problem, and extracted the map from the holder and spread it out on my lap.  I was surprised to see that Tiverton was in fact larger than I had imagined and that there were in fact several roads with roundabouts on them which were on the ‘hidden’ part of the map.  “Have we been over here?” I gestured.  The young taxi driver looked down and the map and then took it from me and examined it with some suspicion.  “Oh over there!  You would like to go there would you?  I suppose we could try that.”

Within a few minutes the roads look familiar as the one as the ones I had driven on when arriving in town and soon the roundabout with the small car-park came into view.  We stopped by my car.  As I handed over an impressive wad of notes to the driver, I made a resolution that I would not in future abdicate responsibility for my own life so lightly.  In fact, I thought as I drove away from Tiverton, the few pounds that I had paid were surely worth the lesson that I had learned.

I can’t help noticing that Ya’Acov in his article in this newsletter seems to be far more fortunate in his choice of taxi-drivers than I am and I am quite certain that this is because he and Susannah are somewhat more adept at dancing at the centre of their own circle and have much better skills of manifestation than I have!  In order to acquire some of those skills the following workshops are a good place to start:

Re-Creation.  This is a residential workshop at Rill led by Ya’Acov and will run from 1st – 5th of May.  We still have some places left.  This workshop is designed to teach you how to take the circumstances of your life and to recreate your relationship with them.  From being the victim of life’s events, you learn to dance with them.  For an application form please contact Roland at 0044 (0) 1803 762255.

We are also taking bookings for the Initiation workshop which will take place from 27th September to October 6th at Rill. This 10 day intensive workshop is a journey through the life cycles.  People leave this workshop with a sense of forgiveness about the past, acceptance of the present and an inspiration and a sense of direction for what they must do to manifest their dreams and offer the gifts they have.  For an application form please contact Roland at 0044 (0) 1803 762255.

The programme of weekend events is as follows:


18 - 21 Cape Town, SA Susannah & Ya'Acov  Dancing with the Heart of the World Jayne + 27 737487743


7  Where you are!  Susannah & Ya'Acov Bringing the Dance back Home    Roland +44 1803 762255

17  Luzern, Switzerland  Ya'Acov  Move! Katriona +41 33 676 2708

17 - 19  Luzern, Switzerland  Ya'Acov  Tending the Circle Katriona +41 33 676 2708 Early booking discount date 15th April

24 - 26  Warsaw - Poland  Susannah Re-Connection Olga +48 509 774 884

28 - June 1st   Orval, Belgium  Ya'Acov  The Way of the Dancing Warrior – Mens’ Edition  Frank +31 71 8893253


7 - 9  London, UK  Ya'Acov Tending the Circle   Alex + 44 7868842219 -circle

7  Dublin, Ireland  Susannah Move! Kate + 353 83 370 3601

8 - 9  Dublin, Ireland  Susannah  Love Stories  Kate + 353 83 370 3601

Why study Movement Medicine? There is still time if you want to enter your article. Remember there is a free weekend workshop for the best article.

Wishing you a splendid Spring!


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