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Issue: April 2013 Newsletter
The Power of "Yes!"

By Susannah
Im on the train (of course- where else do we write these missives?) listening to some beautiful music. After a hectic morning rushing around on the edge of over the edge adrenalised getting ready, the music is bringing me back in, into my heart and body and breath. What is amazing (and still is!) to me is that its my own music.

It’s the album of my songs (and a couple of `Ya’Acov’s gems) which I’ve been working on in our little shed studio for several months. And I’m really wowed by it… I love what is being created. This music stirs me. It’s quite something to feel what I am feeling as I listen to it. I’m touched, amazed and so grateful.

Some years ago, we had guitar lessons from Phil Berthoud, and I thought then, “If I ever record an album with guitar I want Phil to be the guitarist”. So when the idea for this album was born, the first thing I did was call Phil. And he said ‘Yes!”. Turns out he is a multi-instrumentalist and the sweetest hearted guy. And I’m having such fun asking different friends to come in and play, so this album is really  an offering from me, Ya’Acov and our friends. I’m engineering it myself (with teaching every now and again when I need it) which is a massive step for me. I’ve been such a technophobe and was really scared of Logic (the recording and mixing programme)- but it’s actually not difficult. I never thought I’d hear myself say that!

Anyway, I’m beavering away in the studio every available minute, so I’m being more reclusive than normal and as you may have noticed, not being so communicative on our Movement Medicine facebook page. The album will be called “All the Earth is Sacred”. Thanks to all of you who have sung these songs with such heart over the last years, and thereby encouraged me to bring them out into the world in another way. I am telling you this both to celebrate and because I am so aware that this creation is a result of saying “yes!” to the impulse inside. With lots and lots of support, from Ya’Acov, from dear friends, and from many of you. Even so, it so easily could have remained an unsung potential. “Yes” is simple to say. And each step along the way of “yes” is simple. But I know it’s not necessarily easy. It takes courage, a willingness to be or feel foolish and incompetent as we learn new skills. It takes patience, dedication and passion. And it’s a vulnerable as well as a powerful place to bring what we really care about out into the open as an offering. I love seeing the field of Movement Medicine grow as so many people are doing their own version of this, including the new generation of MM teachers and facilitators.

I take my hat off to us all, and the courage to dare to trust that there is something inside that is of value and can bring joy, healing and beauty to the world in so many ways when we dare to inhabit ourselves and stand by ourselves, each other, and life.

My songs have come into being in community. In the light of your enjoyment of them I have grown, they have grown. Thank you! Thank you!

And thanks for all the lovely messages I’ve had about my Mum. She’s continuing to feel good, and is very moved that her image of the rainbow hammock has resonated with so many people. In a few weeks, my Dad will be 80 and I’m so happy that all being well, we will be able to celebrate his sparkling health and vigour all together as a family.

Love to all of us and the wonderful, beautiful and demanding task of being and becoming human,


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