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Paying for a Life Lesson
By Roland
Susannah and Ya’Acov normally do their writing on the train. My own methods are slightly different. I usually go for a long walk and trust that the meditative process will give me my story for the newsletter. It was with this intent in mind that, on a recent Sunday, I drove to Tiverton to explore its nearby hills. more>
The Power of "Yes!"
By Susannah
I’m on the train (of course- where else do we write these missives?) listening to some beautiful music. After a hectic morning rushing around on the edge of over the edge adrenalised getting ready, the music is bringing me back “in”, into my heart and body and breath. What is amazing (and still is!) to me is that it’s my own music. more>
By Ya'Acov
I woke up early this morning, travelling on the overnight train from Berlin to Paris. I’m en route to South Arica and my dreams, not surprisingly, were all travelling dreams. When I woke, the smell of the land around Knysna, where I will teach next weekend, was fresh in my nostrils. For a moment, I wasn’t sure where I was. I could feel the motion of the train, and the fleeting images of my dreams were still in front of my eyes. more>
Magic of Mandorla
By Caroline
Working with Movement Medicine has undoubtedly taken me on deeper and deeper journey into myself and into the work that I would be offering into the world, a continuing journey of micro medio and macro for sure. From 5 Rhythms teacher to shamanic guide and onto the Movement Medicine apprenticeship and teacher training where I worked as a pathfinder helping Susannah and Ya’Acov with some of the practicalities of sharing MM. more>
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